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RE: Ferguson – The Questions We Continue To Ignore

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public-enemy-take-my-country-backThe hot topic this holiday season is of course Ferguson. Ferguson is not even so much a place anymore. It has become the rallying cry for both black people and white people to make a point, to hate each other and to basically do what black people and white people have been doing for ages, siding against each other with absolutely nothing of value coming from it. And Ferguson is no different.

For example, here are some questions that are still unanswered and probably will remain so:

  1. Is Darren Wilson racist?
  2. Was Michael Brown racist?
  3. Did Darren Wilson receive proper training as a police officer?
  4. Did Darren Wilson decide to start some sh*t with a teen who was merely walking in the street because he as bored and feeling like a tough guy with a badge?
  5. Was Darren Wilson trained to be a bad-ass with a gun and to mess with every black kid he saw to meet some quota?
  6. Was Darren Wilson, and all cops for that matter, trained to simply see all black people as criminals and reacting as a result of that training?
  7. Are black people, whether in rich or poor neighborhoods, sick and tired of a heightened police presence that creates added stress?
  8. Has there ever been a study on such a thing?
  9. Does anyone consider that Michael Brown was dealing with two things that day: 1. He was a black teen in a poor neighborhood where there are arguably few opportunities? and 2. That he was sick of the police presence in his face every day for merely walking in the street and reacted to that and it got out of hand quickly?
  10. Did anyone ask Darren Wilson why he felt it necessary to engage two teens who were just walking? If you recall he said he did not notice the stolen merchandise in Brown’s hands until after he started harassing them.
  11. Would Darren Wilson have engaged the teens if he had no gun? What about George Zimmerman?
  12. Does having a gun make police feel invincible?
  13. Do we need to take a closer look at how police are trained to deal with black people in depressed neighborhoods?
  14. Will anything change as a result of all of this?

Bottom line: Was what happened in Ferguson racist?

Answer: Yes! Of course it was. On so many levels. But that is being ignored because we continue to ignore root causes and fix problems. Instead, we focus on sensationalism; the fateful moments leading up to the killing while reinforcing stereotypes of black people rioting and burning sh*t. The media want us to tune in while at the same time tune out what is really going on here.

So this holiday season as we are sipping our egg nog and enjoying being alive think of Ferguson, but not as a place or what happened there. Think instead of how it will soon fade into the annals of history and solve nothing. To solve racism means we need to change things, look at root causes and finally solve problems. But like with Israel and Palestine that means leveling the playing field and essentially creating a tie.

Who are we kidding? We hate ties!
Any questions?

The GOP Is Losing It’s S**t Over Immigration Reform

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king-obama-take-my-country-backI seriously think republicans are losing their s**t with Obama as president. He just will not stop governing. Damnit! Whatever happened to the days when a president just focused on war? Keep this up and the next guy is going to have a really hard time getting rid of all these benefits to various constituencies: gays, pot smokers, old people with better health insurance and now latinos. Sure Reagan tossed the solar panels the first chance he had, but it is getting harder nowadays to do that.

Obama is going ahead with immigration reform and basically telling republicans that since they have done nothing about this he is going to. The President basically has until the end of the year before the right-wing executive branches take over. Plus, immigration reform is all part of the president’s  larger vision. Republicans have been beside themselves trying to obfuscate the president’s accomplishments while trying hard to convince people that everything he has done is very, very bad. That’s not really working though.

This past mid-term election was seen as a huge win for the GOP. Republicans picked up multiple seats and “the country had spoken”. But when you dig, and I don’t mean deep, you find out that the election had the lowest turnout since World War II. Basically, republicans won because almost nobody voted and the ones that did lived in mostly in the south or were right-wing leaning states to begin with.

If this immigration reform plan goes ahead it’s going to make latinos very happy. Sure black people are still screwed, but I don’t think it was really necessary for Obama to do anything significant there. Latino’s can still go either way in elections, but not black people. Black people are squarely in the democrat’s corner and will be for some time to come. The GOP knows this so they talk about black people like they are animals. They have literally given up on winning them over and are now just going for broke. 

Latino’s, on the other hand, seemed pliable. They had promise. Republicans rolled out Marco Rubio for christ’s sake! If Obama now provides immigration reform then they lose that constituency forever too!! OBAMA!!!

So you see, when you look at is like this, based in reality I mean, you realize that republicans know they do not have the upper hand. They won their recent mid-term elections because not many people voted. That might have been their plan all along, but then they are not very forward thinking. When the next presidential election rolls around and people do come out to vote, the GOP will have to contend with a whole new group of democrats who will be saying “yes, things are better than they were 8 years ago.” There is no worse fate for an opposing political party than that.

Losing their s**t they are, yes sir.

Right Wing Creates An $11 Million Tax

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vincent-price-take-my-country-backI read an article today that blew my mind:

Nov 14 (Reuters) – Pennsylvania State Police spent roughly $11 million on the weeks-long manhunt in the Pocono Mountains to capture a survivalist charged with shooting two state troopers and murdering one, local media reported on Friday.

Sure, we see stories about the costs to rescue people off mountains or at sea, but I have never seen one where they tell us how much it cost to capture a white, militant, freedom-loving, cop-hating, conspiracy sniper. Have you?

I read this and thought, first of all, this story was ignored by the media. If this guy was black, muslim and named Muhammad instead of Eric he would have been enemy number one with TV shows and t-shirts with his face on it. Headline news for days. But he was none of those things, and his names was Eric.

Secondly, why the f*** is this a story? What is this headline supposed to imply? That it costs too much to go after white cop killers? Should Obama be spending our tax dollars more economically? Perhaps it is to imply that listening to republicans all day, whether on FOX or anywhere on the AM dial turns you into a maniac cop killer, furthermore this is how much we can expect to be spending each time another one of these lunatics is created.

Eric Frein wrote in a letter to his parents: “Our nation is far from what it was and what it should be…There is so much wrong and on so many levels only passing through the crucible of another revolution can get us back the liberties we once had.”

He wrote that to his parents! If that were my son I would turn him in.

Timothy McVeigh wrote like that too, as I am sure all of the others did as well, as will the ones that follow. This is the work of Glenn Beck and Michael Savage. This is insane conspiracy websites and other stuff I have no clue about. This is real and the result of people being bombarded day after day by insane rhetoric and actually believing it. This is what an overdose of right wing does to people already living on the edge and living in places where diversity is something seen only in magazines or on the television machine.

And by the way, I am not being racist or stereotypical about this. This is just how it is!

This may be the first story written to wake us up. Or at least that’s how I am going to read into it. Maybe it is a reminder to those who support this behavior, and who will inevitably follow it, that this kind of thing costs taxpayers (you, Mr. right winger) money. Maybe $11 million is chump change to some, but to those who don’t have it, it’s plenty. Maybe it sends a message to the right wing that says you are costing us money and it’s only getting worse. You owe us!

Of course this is all in my head. In reality I am sure this story sends the message that going after cop killers who are white and militant is a conspiracy that the government is perpetrating to steal our tax dollars. Obama!!

Either way…mind blown.

The Psychology of Right Wing Women

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clash-of-the-titans-women-take-my-country-backLet’s get something out of the way and all agree that the media and especially outlets like FOX work hard at understanding the psychology of their viewers. This should not come as a surprise to anyone, I hope.

Having an interest in psychology, I often wonder about political shows that say the most insulting and denigrating things about women and are still able to keep their viewers and convince them to vote for people who agree with them. FOX and right wing media in general are great at this, or worst at it, depending on how you see it.

For example, FOX and right wing radio hosts have recently been eviscerating a story about an “anti-street harassment PSA” in which a woman walks around the city while men shout things at her, presumably because she is hot and men are always thinking about sex. That’s a psychology thing too.

It turns out that the fine folks at FOX and others, like Rush Limbaugh, felt that not only was the women in the video not harassed, but, as one male FOX host put it: “She Got 100 Cat Calls, Let Me Add 101. Damn, Baby, You’re A Piece Of Woman.”

This got me thinking about what FOX and right wing radio is doing, psychologically speaking. Right wing media is a money maker. All the big right wing hosts on t.v. and radio are book salesman and in Limbaugh’s case iced tea and necktie salesmen too. These hosts know their audience well and know that denigrating anything and anyone on the left makes them money and brings ratings. Sure right wing media has a huge demographic of white, closed minded, ignorant men, but how do women with any sense of self-respect listen to this kind of talk and continue to tune in and then vote for the politicians these right wing talkers promote?

Then I thought about it psychologically. It goes something like this: Those who watch FOX and listen to people like Rush Limbaugh believe that woman are subservient and beneath the status of men, including women tuning in. Recall, when Ray Rice beat his wife in an elevator, Fox and Friends’ co-host Brian Kilmeade joked, “I think the message is, take the stairs” while female “friend” co-host, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, laughed along. Recall also that Ray Rice’s wife married her wife beating husband after being knocked unconscious for all the world to see and then defending him after the video went public.

This is common with abused women and therefore typical of the women watching FOX. There is tons of evidence to back this up and it makes perfect sense. FOX and right wing radio hosts know that woman watching and listening have low self-esteem and not worthy of anything resembling self-respect. If the women tuning in believed otherwise they could be accused of being feminist and therefore socialist-marxist-communist-leftists. Perish the thought!

So when you see and hear woman being denigrated every single day in right wing media and wonder how women still tune in and vote for right wingers, realize that the women tuning in have no self-respect and need to be reminded of that often, lest they vote for the other side.

Like I said, FOX and the right wing media know their audience. I didn’t say psychology makes sense, I just said it was interesting. Isn’t it though.

Where the White Women At?

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Can somebody tell me what the hell is going on in this photo?


It looks like a scene from a Blazing Saddles porno.

What’s even better is the video!


I mean, there just are no words.

The Walking Dead Are Back And I Don’t Mean The TV Show.

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zombie-attackThey’re off and running! It’s mid October with November just around the bend. You know what that means. That’s right. It’s once again time for….the independent voters to rise and wreak havoc across the land.

Independents are truly a menace. They appear out of nowhere and suddenly they are all the rage. You’ve seen them. They suddenly start appearing, creeping ever closer to the voting booth, paying more and more attention to the elections happening in the weeks ahead. Suddenly, without warning, independents are watching news shows, noticing campaign posters and lawn signs and remembering that it will soon be time to vote.

Sure, they are patriotic citizens and every time an election nears they suddenly remember, as if by instinct, that it is their duty to vote. The problem is that they have not been paying attention at all for the past 10 months. This really becomes bothersome because, like me on Super Bowl Sunday, they simply root for the team with the prettiest helmet and this election season is quite colorful.

Just the other day on “NBC’s “Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd said Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes “disqualified herself” by refusing to say…if she voted for President Barack Obama.”

Normally, I would say this was a dumb question. To ask a candidate who they voted for is a given. If it’s a Dem they voted for Obama and vice versa. Big deal. Case closed. However, this close to November it means a lot.

For example, if you ask Alison Lundergan Grimes who she voted for and she refuses she suddenly goes viral. Republicans know too that independents are watching and they play that up to the hilt. Recall, independents have no idea who Grimes is. All they know is she is not being truthful. Chuck Todd said so. No idea who he is, but he is on t.v. and he looks honest!

Independents, unfortunately, will only see Alison Grimes as not answering a seemingly simple question. Will she do this as a Senator, they wonder? Maybe she’s not as truthful as the other guy, the one who looks like a turtle, or is he an old woman? Independents are not really sure because until this past month Mitch McConnell was not somebody they had ever heard of, much less seen.

I was arguing with blog commenters today about this story on another website. They were screaming about her constitutional right to keep her vote a secret, as if this was some sacrosanct decision between her and her maker. Not ISIS nor threat of Ebola nor some nosy reporter is going to force her to divulge that secret. My arguing the other side of this debate was met with much hostility.

Here’s the thing: Nobody was forcing Grimes to say anything. She was simply asked if she voted for Obama. She could have said yes and those independents who normally vote democratic would have voted for her. She could have also captured the female voter simply because she is female. She could have said “Yes, I voted for Obama. Why do you ask?”, leaving the onus on the reporter to come up with something brilliant in response. She could have also said, “That is none of your business. Voting is my constitutional right and to keep it private is my right as well. Are you suggesting I defy the constitution?” Saying that reaches the yahoos who carry the constitution in their shirt pocket. It’s a win all around.

Grimes avoided the question altogether, instead talking about bringing jobs back to Kentucky. A vote for Alison Grimes will put people back to work? Recall, although we have been hearing this line for years, independents?, not so much.

Not answering the actual question caused two things to happen. First, Grimes lost those who had been paying attention all these months and years. She proved to be a total wimp and a coward, rather than admit that Obama is only a bad president if you watch FOX all day. She could also have very easily, if she was prepared and was truly brave, began spouting all of the accomplishments of this president in the face of total opposition. Second, by simply not answering truthfully she lost the independent voters who saw someone on their teevee machine who, they were told, is not fit to hold public office.

The message Grimes gave was in reality an attempt to placate those same independents who she felt only heard that Obama was bad. Doing this allowed her to be exposed and vulnerable from all sides. It seems as though Grimes forgot the basic rule of dealing with zombies: Never pretend you’re one of them. All that does is get you chewed up and spit out and you become one of the living dead. In Grimes’ case, a political zombie.

As far as I am concerned it can’t be November fast enough. Let’s get this over with. I am already prepared for the impeachments hearings that are sure to come when republicans take over the senate and the congress. I will also be happy when independents go back from whence they came. As is always the case, having them around is scary and way too dangerous.

I Was On The Radio Today

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on-the-radio-leslie-marshallI was on the radio today during my drive home from work. I spoke to Leslie Marshall. I always enjoy an opportunity to do that. Spoke to Tom Hartman once too. I mentioned in an earlier post that AM radio is filled with crazy talk, but to hear people with what I consider to be a more thoughtful approach to news and politics is a real treat. It is hardly ever the case. I am glad I called in when I did too because after about fifteen minutes the station went to fuzz. Michael Savage and Rush are clear as a bell all day long, even when driving through a forest!

Listening to the Leslie Marshall show today, Marshall asked her listeners: “Do we need boots on the ground to fight against ISIS?” “How do we form a coalition?” “Will we be in Iraq for one hundred years?” “Why is defeating ISIS taking so long?”

Today I was reading headlines like “ U.S. Airstrikes Fail To Slow Militant Offensive” and “Syrian Kurds say air strikes against Isis are not working.” It’s been, what, a week? We have become so accustomed to seeing complicated things sorted out in an hour on t.v. and so caught up in an overwhelming influx of news that we truly do not understand anything. How do you defeat something like ISIS in a week, or at all?

To defeat ISIS you first need to understand the problem. Dropping bombs is what got us here. It’s not the solution. I told Ms. Marshall that there was only two ways to defeat ISIS: 1. Understand that hate cannot be blown up or 2. Bring back the only person who was ever able to keep that part of the world in check. You know who I mean.

When I was hung up I felt relieved to have gotten that out over the airwaves and into the vastness of space for all eternity. I also felt let down that when I finally could tune in a liberal station the topic seemed as mindless as the crap I hear on the right.

Oh well.  Thanks Leslie Marshall. That was fun.

President Obola

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don-imusToday I heard a host on AM radio call Obama “President Obola.” I must say, as crazy as it is to blame the president for literally everything that goes wrong on the entire planet, it is still a bit amusing. Clever, is more like it. These types of comments, however, are an example of how low the bar has fallen in terms of blind ignorance, not to mention presidential hatred. I say blind because while the Democrats hated Bush with a passion, it was always factual and with good reason. Obama, on the other hand, is hated by right wingers for reasons that are still a total mystery.

If you listen to AM radio, like I do when I drive to and from work, you hear that President Obola is destroying the constitution, wasting taxpayer dollars on everything from birth control to war, illegally signing executive orders, hated by the rest of the civilized world and driving our economy into the toilet. Oh, and he is responsible for Ebola. No, seriously.

During my drive to work I hear people on the radio like Michael Savage, Mark Levin, Jerry Doyle, and some truly moronic man named Brad Davis. Davis is amazing. He basically talks about whatever he read that day in the paper and agrees with whomever calls in, so long as they agree with him and it is negative towards democrats. For example, during this morning’s show, some numbskull called in to talk about Bill O’Reilly’s genius idea about hiring mercenaries to fight ISIS. While this idea was immediately shot down by military people and O’Reilly’s own FOX colleagues, Davis was apparently unaware of this fact. Instead, he agreed with the caller, saying the idea sounded “terrific”.

This is the state of AM radio and republican talk in general. So long as it is the opposite of what a liberal would think, it’s terrific. AM radio has come a long way too. I began my foray into AM radio with WABC in New York. When I first tuned in Don Imus was in his fifties and Donna Summer was singing Hot Stuff every 20 minutes. Yeah, I’m old and I remember when AM radio played top 40, but Don Imus is way older.

Later, WABC became the bastion of right wing hate that it is today, so much so that I used to refer to it as WHateBC. Tuning in for a few minutes was enough to understand why. It is programming for people who need to be pissed at something. It just so happens that something is black and a democrat. Oh, I forgot, the president is not really black. He is actually half white. I learned this the other day during my drive home. Not that being half white is a good thing. Saying a black man is half white on AM radio is meant as an insult to black men.

People try to claim that Democrats do the same thing, but I defy those people to find me a station where you can actually tune in at any given time and actually hear a liberal leaning show. I enjoy Tom Hartman and love Stephanie Miller, but damn if I can find them on the dial.

Did I say dial? I told you, I am old!

I have a friend who I often share the things I hear on AM radio with. He doesn’t ever listen to AM radio and wonders how on earth I do it. I tell him I can’t help myself and that’s kind of true. When I tune in I do so because it is incredible to me to hear people like Brad Davis and Michael Savage saying the most inane and insane things. I often wonder if they even believe half of what they are saying or if they do it because it keeps them gainfully employed.

It’s a mystery to me and perhaps that is what keeps me coming back for more. Nevertheless, calling the president President Obola is clever, clever enough that it stuck in my head all day and inspired this blog post. I would not have thought of that. Kind of like when I heard a sports host the other day refer to A-Rod as “A-Roid”. I mean, c’mon! That’s clever!

Then again, maybe that says more about me than about them.

What in the…????

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Oh, Mighty ISIS, What Shall We Call Thee?

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mighty-isisYou know what’s funny? We here in America cannot seem to agree on what to call ISIS, ISIL, I.S.I.L., The Islamic State. Why on earth are we getting hung up on names? We talk all day about what to do about this group yet we are still having trouble deciding on its name. Just pick one! It’s ok. We will know who you mean.

When I was a kid there was a cartoon called IsIs, with small s’s. I remember it being called The Mighty IsIs. When I talk about this show, which I often do, I say “hey, you remember that show Isis or the Mighty IsIs?” There must be something to the name ISIS that makes you want to say it again, if only a little bit differently.

Do we really care what the name of this band of beheaders is? Are we using all four names so as not offend them? I mean, if we really hate these folks then why bother with semantics? Just call them “the douche bags.” That will certainly get their attention and make then angry as hell. Isn’t that what we want? They are basically begging for the U.S. and other superpowers to drop all sorts of explosives on them. Wouldn’t calling them “Shnuzlims” be more appropriate in this case?

Obama’s in quite the pickle over ISIS too. He’s become the decider overnight, going from immigration leader to wartime president. Gone too is the president’s social agenda. Republican’s saw to it that by the time the mid-terms rolled around, if Latino’s and blacks were not yet disenfranchised, they would be in deep sh*t.

Enter ISIS, the thing with four names. For six long years republicans have been trying everything they can to get people talking about other things besides Obama’s social agenda. Benghazi, IRS, Guns, Fast and Furious…Benghazi, none of it has stuck, at least not with Obama. There just had to be something more that was going to take our voting minds off the ball come fall.

With ISIS you have all the ingredients. You have muslims wearing black hoods, you have bloody heads. It’s right out of the freakin’ Bible! Obama has gone all in with ISIS too. Before you know it there will be ground troops back in that pit-o-hell while the president leaves office with a new, never ending war being handed over to Hillary.

So yeah, thinking we got this thing when we can’t decide what to call a terrorist organization is kind of laughable and kind of scary. With Ebola out of control, Russia and Scotland losing their minds and now ISIS, ISIL, I.S.I.L, The Islamic State creeping us out, it may be time to stop trying to get the damn name straight and focus more on the fact that we have become a nation completely incapable of agreeing on anything, even the name of a terrorist organization that is killing Americans. Perhaps we’ve hit rock bottom.

Oh Mighty IsIs, where are you?!

Writer’s Block

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I think I have writer’s block. Not that I am anything special in the writing department to be worthy of writer’s block, but nevertheless, it still may be the case. I have spent the last few weeks starting and stopping posts for any number of reasons. Mostly it’s because I am just so bored of politics and how insane and ridiculous it is. Someone asked me last night what I thought about the mid-terms. I said I think it may be in the democrats’ favor. Sure incumbent presidents get their asses handed to them in mid-terms, but if things keep going the way they are going, I cannot imagine people on the left not getting off their asses to actually vote, for whoever the candidate is, because anything has to be better.

Maybe the crisis with ISIS — I have to sell that to CNN — is making people remember that it was George W. Bush who brought this current middle eastern crisis upon the world by taking us into Iraq in the first place. They were doing just fine with Saddam. Sure he was a madman dictator, but who isn’t is that region? It’s part of the job description. And at least he kept that country in order. Jeez. I mean, sure he gassed his own people, but who hasn’t? ISIS seems perfectly capable of doing it. So how is Iraq not a major disaster of epic proportions brought about by a completely illegal administration? But I digress.

Seriously, looking at Furgeson, immigration, gays, women, and all of the rhetoric that has come from the right on these topics it becomes relevant that these major social issues are all centered around people who lean left and who vote. In Furgeson, volunteers are doing voter registration drives. A black kid is killed by a white cop and liberals in that city register to vote. I mean that’s something. To put it into perspective, when a black kid is killed by a white guy republicans usually just buy more guns.

Point is, things are not looking so bleak for the left right now. Plus, I think most understand the concept that if republicans take the Senate and Congress in November then ALL we will hear about for the next two years is impeachment.

Obamacare is doing just fine, pot is legal and getting legaler, we are deciding NOT to re-invade Iraq for actually good reasons and we are pretty ok with immigrants.  These are all things that the left supports and also things we are not willing to let fail. Plus, of course, the fact that republicans are so insane that to not vote against them would be even more insane.

You know, maybe I’m not bored after all. Maybe I am just having trouble putting my thoughts together to write a coherent post. It must be writers block. That’s probably it.

Shorter McConnell

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mith-mcconnellThere are times when reading the news becomes clearer and you stop to think about what is really going on. That happens to me when reading political stories. The “journalists” who write the stories do so as if there is really a story there. As if the drama unfolding in the halls of the Capital is something to “get into,” something akin to a reality show series where old white men and insane younger white men go back and forth, lobbing political hand grenades at each other, like the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s.

These stories pull you in. They cause you to click on the link to read more. This happens every day. It becomes like an addiction. It is only at this level can one truly stop to understand what is really going on. And then it hits me. We no longer have true journalism. We simply have a mass media system that delivers news like ESPN.

For example, here is a story from todayMcConnell Demands Vote On House GOP Bill To End Deportation Relief. In this latest drama,

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is calling for a Senate vote on House-passed GOP legislation to end deportation relief for young undocumented immigrants and strip the president’s authority to grant it to anyone else.

It’s a really compelling narrative. Codgy old republican senator wants to stop the mexicans from coming to town and will do everything in his power to stop it. This story has legs. It is dark and mysterious with a sense of danger. Great, right? I’d watch that. And that is where the McDonaldization of news media comes into focus. Imagine for a moment some journalist somewhere telling this same story, but from an actually true perspective? Imagine the journalist wrote:

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is calling for a Senate vote on House-passed GOP legislation to end deportation relief for young undocumented immigrants and strip the president’s authority to grant it to anyone else.

McConnell’s reasoning for doing this is simple. It is late summer and unemployment is low. A story comes out just this past week titled The Disney Economy is Back. Gays are married, pot is legal, sort of, the President is black, and Mexicans are really close to getting a lift in spirits.

Shorter McConnel: This President is making everyone happy that is not white, dumb and old and we are in election season. Do something!! 

We currently have a President who, in reality, is doing quite well on the social and economic front. We also have a republican party that is beside itself with nothing at all to do. There is no appetite for war, guns are getting pretty annoying and woman are starting to realize more and more what kind of people we are dealing with. Add all of that together and you get a shit storm of liberalism, governing, some intelligent thinking, and people totally dig it.

McConnell said:

“The President seems to have forgotten that he does not possess the authority to re-write our immigration laws and that, on the contrary, the Constitution requires that he take care that the laws be faithfully executed,” the Kentucky Republican said in a statement.

Shorter McConnell: We need to build a dramatic narrative for this week because if Obama passes immigration reform through executive order, which he is very well within his right to do, then latinos will come out in droves to vote. There are already so many of them that we are totally screwed! We simply won’t have enough people to vote for us!!

All we keep hearing are stories like this and stories about how republicans are suing the president and planning to impeach him, all the while building a false narrative that the president is actually breaking law on a regular basis. It’s all so simple to understand when you stop to do so. ESPN builds their narrative around sports. They talk all day about athletes and get paid handsomely to do it. The athletes then get more notoriety because their lives have been turned into theater and we buy into it and purchase lots of sports stuff as a result. It’s a business and our news media is no different.

Every day politicians in Washington, D.C. spend a good portion of their day figuring out how to make money to fill their election year war chests. They require this money because running for office is insanely expensive these days. Without a narrative you ain’t gonna sell nuthin’. And if you tell people the truth about what you are really doing, well that just makes you seem like a total dick!

Truth is, for all of their seeming insanity, republican in Washington, D.C. are no dummies. The got there they are because they are smart and because they know how to play this game. Obama is actually a masterful politician and republicans know it. Hell, even the Iraqi’s on the mountain top are coming down alive. If this keeps up, there won’t be any voters left!!! And the media plays it up for all it is worth.

Sure some in Washington, D.C. might actually hate Obama’s guts, but many are simply performing their day job; keeping the money flowing while journalists play right along. It makes everyone money so it makes everyone happy.

So when Mitch McConnell or any other GOPer says Obama is thwarting the law on a daily basis that really means Obama is actually doing his job on a daily basis and for republicans: That. Can’t. Happen.

Any questions?

I Like Rachel Maddow, But I Can’t Unsee This!!

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I Love Garage Sales!

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So my wife brought me home this great garage sale find last week. It’s a color photo, autographed, of three of the greatest legends of political theater. It’s taken in the oval office and in the early 80’s, I would imagine, and features Nixon, Ford and Reagan standing at attention and smiling proudly into the camera. It’s quite bizarre actually and I can’t stop staring at it.



Story of The Week!

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obama-protestOperation American Spring, billed as a Friday morning multi-million patriot march on Washington, D.C., to oust leadership from the nation’s capital — from President Obama to House Speaker John Boehner — has proven woefully below expectations.

Apparently there was a bunch of yahoos who were going to march today on the Mall in D.C. to basically arrest President Obama, Vice President Biden, and the Speaker of the House, as well as any other politician they could find who hates the Constitution…or something.

When I read stories like this it always makes me wonder why Democrats don’t use stories like this for their ads. For example, they could have an ad that says: “America, not too long ago a bunch of right leaning citizens took it upon themselves to plan a revolution against our nation. Apparently, however, not enough of them showed up due to rain.

Remember America, these people want to be in charge again. So vote Democrat this election season!”

Seems so simple.

“It’s a very dismal turnout,” said Jackie Milton, 61, a Jacksboro, Texas, resident and the head of Texans for Operation American Spring, to The Washington Times. He said hopes were high when he arrived in Alexandria, Va., a day or so ago and found motels and hotels were sold out for 30 miles around. 

But weather’s dampened turnout a bit, he said.

“We were getting over two inches of rain an hour in parts of Virginia this morning,” Mr. Milton said. “Now it’s a nice sunny day. But this is a very poor turnout. It ain’t no millions. And it ain’t looking like there’s going to be millions. Hundreds is more like it.”

These nutjobs are really crazy. They are also great reminders of who we had running things for eight long years. Remember when we hated the President? I mean, sure it was bad and sure we were angry, but we never we as crazy:

A caller from North Carolina said he feared Obama would declare martial law and begin executing Christian citizens as a prelude to civil war. Another caller from Michigan said he was more concerned about government manipulation of natural resources. “I’m so fed up with the tyranny I sold my jet ski,” the caller said. “I’m so fed up with the way the government is manipulating the water with the chemtrails, I’m afraid I can’t even use my jet ski.”

This is crazy on a whole other level. It is FOX “news” personified. It is the result of a giant mind f**king that the right wing has perpetrated upon innocent, slow minded citizens who jet ski.


“Whether you believe the Pentagon was hit by a missile or a plane, we need you out here.”

Indeed. We do need you out there. It is because of you that I now have a favorite story of the week. For that I say thanks!


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benghaziWhat a year it’s been so far. Been keeping up via twitter and comment boards. If you would like to follow, please do! I seem to have more time to do that than this. Bummer, but what can you do?

So Ben-f’ing-Ghazi is back in a big way. These republicans are just so insane that it has gone way past the point of return. They are off the reservation officially, I think it is safe to say. I can’t blame them really. I mean, Obamacare is doing quite well and no death panels to speak of. The economy seems to be roaring, if you have enough to invest in the market, and really, who else matters in America anyway?

With all that success, and with rich folks getting way richer, republicans really need to do something in order to get the conversation going in their direction, at least until November of this year. The mid-terms are all they have at this point, and rest assured, we give them the House and the Senate in November and it will be Ben-f’ing-Ghazi 24-7, 365 until January 2017, not to mention Obama impeachment hearings.

I know, republican’s hate wasteful spending. But you will have to forget all that when it comes to Ben-‘f’ing’-Ghazi. That issue is no joke and no time to get all hypocritical. Ben-‘f’ing’-Ghazi is the biggest thing republicans have! It is all they have. They literally have nothing else. For six years republicans have been trying everything, throwing everything at the wall, but nothing is sticking. They tried Kenya, Muslim, Barack Hussein, doctored photos, death panels, IRS, that bad Vin Diesel movie, Iraq, Afghanistan, Osama, Syria, Russia, Libya, you name it. None of it has worked! The only thing republicans have going for them, and it is not much, is Ben-‘f’ing’-Ghazi.

With Ben-‘f’ing’-Ghazi you have everything you need to keep your followers hooked when all else fails. Ben-‘f’ing’-Ghazi has intrigue, murder, guns, muslims, burning cars, Hillary, Obama, dead, white Americans, phony witnesses, hot 60 Minutes interviewers, graphic photos, White House emails; the only thing missing is…heck, I don’t think anything is missing. This story literally has it all.

Starting soon, a brand new republican group of nutty-birds will try to look all official and, once again, after more than a dozen inquiries already into Ben-‘f’ing’-Ghazi, these politicians will spend more money and waste more taxpayer dollars on a story that is really way too complicated to follow.

Perhaps that is what’s missing from this story. Perhaps the one thing republicans have not been able to gain from Ben-‘f’ing’-Ghazi after all this time is that the story itself is not all that exciting or easy to follow. Sure, four people died and that is tragic, but why they died and what Obama and his administration had to do with it is really only clear in the minds of some very troubled people who are doing this because, and let’s be real here, it gets them on TV, makes them a household name, brings in much cash for their re-election PACs, offers ratings for FOX, and best of all, forces Hillary to take the stand and get some additional sound bites out of her to play repeatedly until 2016.

Like I said, Ben-‘f’ing’-Ghazi really does have it all. Even if nobody truly understands what the issue is, it will at least be good TV. Isn’t that the point?

Some Comments From Another Great SOTU Speech

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obama-sotuMy comments of tonight’s SOTU:

As President Barack Obama makes his entrance into the gallery for this much anticipates SOTU, it is funny to have heard moment before Wolf Blitzer and his CNN hacks pine on about how Obama needs to start to build a relationship with the House Speaker, John Boehner. It is funny because this is a man who takes a year and a day just to make his way to the podium because of all the palm pressing, warm hello’s and very long applause. He has no trouble building relationships. Anything CNN tries to muster up is done simply for the dramatic effect and to play into the FOX narrative of an unpopular president who is a lame duck in the sunset of his presidency. Nothing could be further from the truth.


What is truly incredible is that Obama has a positive message. Whether you like or dislike him, his skin color, his politics, it is impossible to argue that he has a negative message compared to that other guy who warned of mushroom clouds year after year, speech after speech. Tomorrow though, FOX and the rest on the right will downplay his words as fascism, socialism or whatever other ‘ism’ they can throw at their followers. But how do you listen and call this anything  but a positive inspiring message to Americans? It is proof that you hear what you want to hear, despite reality.


Can you imagine, six years of domestic initiatives. What a change from the last republican administration where war was the only thing that got accomplished. Romney would have been no different. We would be either in a war with Syria and Iran or planning for it. I have do doubt.


Joe Biden is funny. I wish he was my grandpa. I don’t think Dick Cheney ever smiled, unless he was making money.


I bet tomorrow the conspiracy theorists will be deciphering the wrinkles in the flag behind the podium to be secret arabic letters spelling out war plans or instructions for rounding up guns.


Republicans just clapped for fixing our immigration system. What’s that about? I guess they are still clinging to that latino vote. lol.


Joe Biden has a project. That’s nice. He is going to help people get job training. Can you imagine a republican saying this stuff? Never happen and never will. Republican’s have put themselves in such a hole that anything they ever attempt will seem laughable. Remember when they stood in that hardware store and talked about creating jobs? Keith Olbermann used to count the days since that stunt. He’d still be counting if he still had a show.


You can just picture the morons who listen to hate radio and FOX everyday watching and hearing this SOTU speech and thinking, “wow, this sounds so good. I wish it wasn’t so bad.” Must be confusing to be a republican. They just cannot allow themselves to hear anything other than key words, like “share,” “kids,” “education,” “research” and “science.” These are unfortunately for them silent dog whistle words for socialism, indoctrination, government intervention and godlessness.


Who is not standing for women? John Boehner, for one and a bunch of other white men. Tsk tsk tsk. Will they never learn? Just play the video of the men who did not stand for the comments about women in the upcoming election season.


Amazing to see half the room sit through giving Americans more money. “Say yes! Give America a raise!” That’s good. I love that.


I think Obama needs to mention the thing about the “keeping your doctors” thing and put if to bed. If he doesn’t that will be the only thing the right wingers latch onto. Seems he may not go there. Too bad.


Shout out to Beghazi with the mention of diplomats. Classy.


Drones, baby! Active and targeted. Obama is moving war into the 21st century. Funny how people love war but hate drones. Same outcome, but with less blood and economic dependency. What’s the problem?


Ok, I’m getting bored. Obama has covered all the bases. What about steroids? Remember when Bush used his SOTU to talk about how they were going to crack down on steroid use? He surely did. Look it up. It was the extent of his domestic agenda.


War is hell.


Great speech. And now, back to Wolf Blitzer with his fucking narrative. I’m turning you off now Wolf. Bye.





How To Tell When A Lieutenant Gov. Is Lying!

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Kim-GuadagnoWhen you have a moment, check out the vid below. It’s New Jersey’s Lieutenant Gov. Kim Guadagno (R) denying that she ever threatened to withhold Hurricane Sandy relief money from a local mayor unless the mayor approved a real estate project.

If you’ve been following this bridge scandal story then you know that Hoboken mayor Dawn Zimmer alleges that Guadagno took her aside at a meeting last May and told her in no uncertain terms that she had to play for pay.

Now, despite this being a story about what you might expect in Jersey politics, Zimmer says she was so taken aback by such a blatant threat that she told two of her close associates and also wrote about it in her journal. Zimmer also made sure to note that Guadagno told her that if this ever got out she would deny it.

Fast forward to this month when Zimmer went public with her story and Guadagno, apparently making good on her promise, is denying it in force. A few things to note here, and this is where the video comes in. In it, the Lt. Gov. is seen making her pronouncement that Zimmer’s story is false and she goes on for four minutes and change making sure we hear her. But as you watch the video, pay attention to a few things:

  1. She begins by stating she is not taking questions — NOT taking questions.
  2. She never once says that Dawn Zimmer is lying. She claims that what Zimmer said is completely false and offensive, but not once does she ever call Zimmer a liar
  3. Guadagno doesn’t deny a conversation took place. It did. Guadagno simply claims that “Mayor Zimmer has chosen to mischaracterize a conversation I had with her about development and job creation in Hoboken”
  4. When you are innocent of something you do not need to spend four minutes explaining yourself. You simply say “I will make this brief. The accusations made by Mayor Zimmer that I threatened to withhold Sandy funds unless she approved a real estate deal is patently false and Mayor Zimmer is lying. I don’t know why she would lie, but that is the fact of this matter and I feel sorry for her. Thank you.”

…And then you take questions.

This story just keeps getting better and when it is over it will be of Vesuvius proportions. Guadagno will resign and perhaps even perjure herself, if and when the FBI decides to question her. Christie’s hypertension and his many other health issues will force him to take a much needed “vacation.” His closest underlings will get immunity and tell stories that will become bestsellers, movies and mini-series. The country will be spared even the thought of a Christie Presidency and best of all Ann Coulter will be proven wrong once again.

I mean, does it get better than that? Hardly.

Tea Party Loves ‘Em Some Bridge Scandal

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ken-cuccinelliHere’s one that got in just under the radar. “During a Tuesday appearance on CNN’s “Crossfire,” former Virginia attorney general and gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli (R) said New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie should step down from his post as chair of the Republican Governors Association amid the so-called Bridgegate scandal.”

Did you see what just happened there? For those who are unaware who Ken Cuccinelli is, he is one of those insane Tea Party nuts who lost in Virginia’s gubernatorial race thanks in part to his ultra-extreme views. One of those views had him fighting to reinstate a funny little law called the Crimes against nature; penalty. It’s an awesome law, if for nothing else the language used in it:

A. If any person carnally knows in any manner any brute animal, or carnally knows any male or female person by the anus or by or with the mouth, or voluntarily submits to such carnal knowledge, he or she shall be guilty of a Class 6 felony.

So when a guy like Cooch starts publicly saying that a popular Republican governor, one who was supposed to be the savior of the party, should step down from an important post you know only one thing is going on.

Chris Christie is what is known in republican land as a RINO (Repubpican In Name Only). To say that the extreme wing of the party wants a guy like Christie as their leader is laughable. After all, he shook hands with Obama. That is like making a deal with the devil. The plan has never been for a Christie presidency. It has, on the other hand, always been about a Ted Cruz, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio presidency/vice presidency. Mix and match as you see fit.

I predict that come 2016, once Christie has been thoroughly run out of town, we will see only tea party candidates being rolled out for public consumption. Hillary will certainly have her hands full, but will she lose? If Ken Cuccinelli’s loss in Virginia is any indication, I am pretty sure that the crazy will always come up short.

Stay tuned.

MLK Was A Republican! Photo Montages Don’t Lie.

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I don’t know what is more shocking, that MLK was republican or that LL Cool J is? And I’m sorry, but is that Eazy-E? I guess you have to make the rows even.

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