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My 2012 Presidential Prediction

By tmcbpatriot | April 20, 2011 | 13 Comments

For some reason, when I think about the office of the presidency there are two images that come to mind.

There’s this one:
And then there’s this one:

I look at these two photos and it helps me to think about who will be President in coming elections. Replace the two men in these photos with any other President from our history and it’s easy to picture. For example, who can picture Huckabee, Newt, Romney or Palin deep in pensive thought about anything except scheming to abolish abortion, or controlling the room during a meeting on behalf of the American people? It’s not possible, and therefore it won’t happen.

Incidentally, it is also precisely these two images which led me to believe just how fixed George W. Bush’s Presidency actually was. That man is not capable of deep thought and controlling the room for him meant bring drunker than the others and making everyone laugh while he choked on a pretzel. But I digress.

The point is, I look at these images and it helps me to better determine who will be the strongest presidential candidate. With that said, I am going to make a prediction of who I think that will be for 2012 on the republican side. And it won’t be Donald Trump.

Ok, so Donald Trump is pretending to run for President. Great. I am happy for him. The guy is bored and he has a TV show and he loves some free press. This is America after all. If you have money and some crazy sh*t to say over and over again on national television the press will eat it up. They will put on bibs for christs sake just to slurp up every morsel of nutty in order to get those wonderful ad dollars. It’s how the world works.

Now, way back in November I wrote a post asking why Republicans mock the office of the Presidency? Please read it if you have a moment. Of course, it’s not surprising that Donald Trump is doing what he is doing. To prove my point, here is a quote from an group email I received recently from someone who is actually a V.P. of Sales and Marketing for a real estate company:

Did anyone catch Trump on the today show this morning. Not my favorite person but I have to tell you if he runs with the attitude that he projected this morning, he is going to find an audience. My favorite part of the interview [other than the part about Obama not being a US citizen] was when he was asked what he would do in Libya. He replied ”nothing unless we get the oil”.

You see, this is why Donald Trump is doing what he is doing. It is because there is an audience for him. People like that V.P. above love to hear stupid simple sound bites like this. It is like candy. It goes down yummy and then it makes you sleepy. People like Trump love made-for-T.V. moments like this. George Bush turned stupid and simple into an art form and Donald is taking it one step further and turning it into a circus.

But I don’t have a problem with this because “The Donald” is going to evaporate just as soon as things start getting serious. We are still quite a ways away from the real election for the office of the presidency and this is just a minor distraction. Think of Trump like the warm up act. He is the fluffer. The guy who gets you all hot and bothered for the real election and then he goes away and they bring out Superman to save the day.

So we should enjoy this while it lasts because for now at least we get to laugh at how ignorant and moronic republicans really are. And we get to watch a cheap and easy spectacle at their expense.

But here’s the thing. As it gets closer to the real deal and republicans need a candidate to beat Obama, whose it gonna be? Let’s face it. Trump is the white man’s Al Sharpton, so it aint gonna be him. Sarah has been losing steam for months and the right is doing a fine job of boxing her in because they are really serious this year. They want to win…very badly! They are not just going to throw it away by the likes of Trump or Palin or any of the others who have been rolled out into the spotlight so far. No. They are biding their time for when it really counts. And this is what worries me.

So, now I am going to do something for the first time and make a public prediction. I am going to predict here and now who is going to be the Republicans presidential nominee for the 2012 election cycle. If I am wrong, so be it. But if I am right then, well, it helps me look a little more…shall we say…politically astute. So what the heck. I am going for it.

So here I go. My magic 8 ball is out and it’s ready to roll. I’m gonna give it a shake and pick the nominee for the Republican 2012 Presidential election and perhaps, dare I say it, the winner of the Presidency in 2012….And the winner is? Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts.

Yup. That’s my prediction. Anyone want to bet against me? I may take you up on it. I have given this alot of thought and this is my pick. The evidence is there. Dude already told everyone about his modeling career, his troubled childhood, his sexual abuse at the hands of a camp counselor. He’s an open book. He has already opened his can of worms long before he needed to. And in doing so, he has already diffused the most toxic part of his life well before it would really matter. That’s smart.

Second, take a look around the interwebs. Wherever you look you see things like:

I could go on. Just google it and see what I mean. Dude is hot! And I don’t mean in the nude, but he’s got that down too! Worst part for me is that of all the Republican candidates I can think of, he is the only one I can picture in those two photos above. I can picture pensive Scott Brown and I can picture Scott Brown with his feet up, on the phone, laughing it up and controlling the room…and doing it in the Oval office!

Back in the day, I remember thinking how worrisome a McCain candidacy would be against Obama. That was of course before I got to know him better and learned that he was actually a prick and a liar, not to mention totally insane and shortsighted for selecting Palin as his running mate. Honestly, if I were a political consultant I would offer that Scott Brown is the only potentially serious candidate who could give Obama a run for his money. He is tall, good looking, smart, he’s got a truck and best of all, he is white! He is just what the republican doctor ordered.

Now, I am no fortune teller. But I do love politics and understand it enough to know a good strategic move when I see it no matter whose side I am on. If I were playing the political chess board this would be my pick and I am sure republicans everywhere would just love me for it. But we’ll see. I never thought Trump would be polling as well as he is. But then again he is going up against a real B-list roster. When things start to really heat up and the big dogs come out to hunt this current circus will subside and we may be in for some real trouble.

Scott Brown did the unthinkable in Massachusetts by taking Ted Kennedy’s seat. Sure he went up against a lame opponent, but he may just have the smarts and the skill to do something even more unthinkable and become our next President!

I am sure I am wrong about this. I hope I am. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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  • http://thelearningcenternopl.blogspot.com/ Dbarabin

    Scott Brown? He will have his hands full getting re-elected Senator. He was a fluke and is not very smart. His opponent ran an awful campaign and neither candidate juiced up the electorate who were still grieving the loss of our lion.

    If you are right, and I certainly hope that you are not then if he wins we will elected another dimwitted President. Have we not learned to stop electing folks because they are cute, have family connections, are fun to be around, rather than smart, fearless (see financial crash) and have some kind of vision?

    I’d bet you a bottle excellent vodka but if Borwn would win I’d drink it myself.

  • Anonymous

    Ha! Yeah. I have been trying to find the candidate that republicans would be foolish not to consider. Remember that republicans do not car about governing. They care about electability among their ignorant base and those dependable “independents” who vote for anything shiny and on their T.V.. Scott Brown is that kind of guy. The right is dying for someone as young, vibrant and white to go against Obama and their trough is quite dry at the moment.

    Believe me, I hope I am wrong but it has been on my mind so I had to get it off my chest. I hope it’s Palin or Newt. That would at least be funny. A guy like Brown worries me though.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, it’s Jeb. But only if Obama actually looks weak enough. He won’t waste his time unless it’s pretty certain that he can get close enough to cheat (he probably won’t have to steal Florida, but he knows that if he needs to he can). I’m sure he’s just biding his time, waiting and watching. (If the prospects don’t develop for him to come in and save the day in 2012, he will run in 2016). You think the Bush family ambition has been slacked by two miserable presidencies? No way. You think “the base” won’t forgive him for his brother’s free spending ways? That’s a laugh. They didn’t hold pappy’s “betrayal” on taxes against Bush II and they won’t hold the near-collapse of the economy (or a deficit they now entirely blame Obama for) against Bush III.

  • Anonymous

    Ya think? Man, I would be really really surprised if it were Jeb. I do not think the country is that ready for another dose of Bush. I cant imagine any republican consultant ever making a compelling argument for it. That doesn’t mean they won’t, but compelling? Even the moron independents are not dumb enough to fall for it so soon after. Believe me, I don’t put it past them, but I think they would rather go with a new face than roll out the old dogs. Especially against Obama. he is too smart for that. They need new, fresh, and seemingly middle of the road. Brown fits the bill AND he has a truck. He is the clean cut white middle america everyman, while Jeb is still George’s brother. But again, we’ll just have to see.

  • Anonymous

    I think another dose of Bush would do the country in — but, unfortunately, it would do so in exactly the ways our financial elites support. What the Bushes have going for them, in addition to extraordinary ambition and gall, is the fact that they exemplify those financial interests — they are part of that elite and have been so for generations. I don’t think any Bush will ever have trouble raising money, or getting forgiven by “the base.” Will the general electorate, independents especially, support another Bush? Well, I didn’t see how they could support W’s second term — but they did. But here’s the kicker — Bush III will appeal to Hispanics in ways that Pappy and W didn’t and couldn’t. And, he has the name recognition to come out late and position himself as a reasonable man in a field of crazies. That is exactly what I expect he will do if the Bushes think they detect enough weakness in Obama.

  • Anonymous

    Man, while I hope I am wrong about Brown, I hope even more you are wrong about the Jebster! I mean, any Republican in the White House is one too many, but Jeb is like thinking you caught that cancer only to find out it has returned with a vengeance.

  • Anonymous

    I agree, and I hope I’m wrong. Unfortunately, I think the Bushes are a cancer that we are going to be fighting for a long time to come.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    BTW, When Joe Lieberman ran for V.P. in 2000 he was simultaneously running for Senate. Not a gambling man. Scott Brown therefore may do the same.

  • Ben

    Scott Brown?? You’re dreaming. A freshman senator??  LOL! AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN. Write that down and paste it on your refrigerator door. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Dem and I like Scott Brown, I get a good feel about who he is and what he stand for, and I believe his accomplishments are great, but he is NOT Presidential material YET. He might be one day. Not only this, he would have to run a mean campaign with an endless stream of serious cash to top Obama. AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN. In regard to JEB??? LOL!  AAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHA!
    Someone help me, I can’t stop laughing! LOL! Now think about this just on a real basic, fundamental level…do you really think this country is ready for a President named JEB??? Let alone, do you really think the world community would respect or take seriously a U.S. President named JEB?? Most people would look for a pick up truck as his presidential limmo, and a hound dog named Blue as the official First Dog! PLEASE, get real. Mainstream America isn’t ready for a Hillbilly in the White House, although G.W. Bush was pretty close to that!

  • Anonymous

    First, thanks for the comment. Secondly, well, yeah! This post was written a while back before the primaries took off. Seemed to me at the time that a Scott Brown run was possible and if so was a good candidate in terms of those tea party and “independent” voters who see just a pretty face. Don’t think it did not cross his mind though. Any less than Jeb.