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One After 9.0.9

By tmcbpatriot | October 21, 2011 | No Comments

Herman Cain is at it again. I mean, he only got into this thing to sell some books. But now that a bunch of idiot Republicans and no-nothing “independents” have become all giddy for the “no executive experience” pizza man, I thought it would be apropos to entertain them with a little music in honor of Cain’s new amazingly brilliant idea…

From CNN: GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain clarified his much talked-about “9-9-9” tax plan Friday, saying those who fall at or beneath the poverty level would have a different plan: “9-0-9.”

“If you are at or below the poverty level, your plan isn’t 9-9-9 it is 9-0-9,” Cain said. “Say amen y’all. 9-0-9.”

This is just getting downright silly. But I guess as far as the media is concerned this is political gold and, if I may paraphrase a quote from the movie Wall Street, it looks like they are going carry him a few more rounds before he drops. Besides who else do the Republicans have to be their sideshow clown?

So in honor of Cain’s new and improved plan for economic disaster, here’s a tune to help make it go down a little easier. Enjoy!

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