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I Need Some Air

By tmcbpatriot | November 27, 2012 | No Comments

Man, it is hard to get back to the bullshit of politics so soon after a nice relaxing week off. But then again politics is so damn addicting.

I have to admit though, a bit of my delay is also attributed to hearing back from some online news source that turned me down for reasons unknown. They did however make sure to tell me that it could have been “including, but not limited to, quality of writing and knowledge of topic.”

I mean, Jesus! Can you stick a knife in someones heart or what? It is hard to read stuff like this when shortly after doing so I go online and read:

“By the end of the bloated 2012 process, Barack Obama’s victory proved that sometimes saying nothing is more than enough. That turned out to be especially true this year after voters warily gazed across the not-so-great divide at Mitt Romney and decided that Air Supply had it right. That sometimes you have to make love out of nothing at all.”

You know who said that? A former congressman with his own talk show said that! And yet I’m the one with questionable writing skills and knowledge of topic? A smart person once said it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Nothing has ever been more true.

So here’s to you Joe Scarborough. You have risen to the top while the rest of us are made to suffer for at least trying. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving, turkey.



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