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Let’s Get Ready To Rumble Or Grumble.

By tmcbpatriot | December 4, 2012 | No Comments

Back after a long break. I needed it. Seems like after the long election and then Thanksgiving, I just needed time to regroup. Also, this whole fiscal cliff thing is boring. For one, I am not an economist. On the other hand, all of it is nothing more than a show, much like watching WWF wrestling with the Republicans trying to be intimidating while the Dems clearly have them in a headlock and on the ropes with them gasping for air. No matter what happens it is sure to be entertaining and more of the same, I.E. High unemployment and no new jobs.

Anyone who still believes America is a job creator must live in an alternate reality where idealism rules or it’s 1942. Back in the real world, the days of wine and roses have long since past, as least for a generation.

News flash! America does not create jobs anymore for the simple reason that we don’t make anything anymore. Think about it. If you removed everything around you at this very moment that was not made in China, or some other non-U.S. country, you would be left naked, standing in an empty room and with nothing to read. You could read a newspaper, but then again you’d better not spend too much to renew your subscription. Newspapers are long past their due date.

Today we live in a world where we camp out for stuff not made here and then trample each other to get it on Black Friday. You watch it all and wonder how we could be in such dire economic straights while people who don’t appear to be rich are falling over each other to buy crap they don’t need and that was made in China. Then it hits you. Truth is, we aren’t in economic straits. Not our government anyway. Never have been. It’s all a farce. It is part of the charade that is politics in this country.

Throughout the election the economy was the number one issue on every American’s mind. Before that is was the war on terror. Before that it was “Bringing integrity back to the White House.”

This year, Republicans thought they had this one in the bag. Reading the news, editorial cartoons, and watching the teevee machine, it is clear that Republicans are reliving the election as if it were still going on. At the same time they are on the fast track “to crazy town.”  Through it all they are still posturing, obstructing and standing in the way of any attempt at progress.

You have to hand it to them though. This all makes for great TV and is a reminder that none of it is real. It’s all a show that Republicans created by making the economy their number one issue. After clearly losing the election they are now stuck holding the bag with nowhere to go but down. All they have left is Susan Rice and Benghazi and that too is fading fast. In other words, Republicans are in a choke hold and they are quickly turning blue.

But then again, Republicans have never been ones to give up without a fight. When it comes to power they are often the fiercest ones in the ring. But make no mistake. They do not care about Benghazi or some imaginary fiscal cliff or even a man named Grover who they are now throwing under the bus in order to make it seem as if they want to cut a deal.

Truth is, Republicans only care about winning back their majority back in the House and in the Senate, nothing less. With nowhere left to go they have no choice but to keep up their charade for as long as possible. After all, 2014 is right around the corner.

Now, maybe my cynicism is just getting the best of me. Maybe the election wiped me out. Maybe the year is ending, winter is settling in and I am just being grumpy. Maybe this election business, the fighting over Chinese made stuff and my writing this post from a hospital waiting room has just made me depressed. Oh, don’t worry about me. I’m fine. Just a routine appointment. As for the political outlook in 2013, that may need some IV and some serious medication or maybe that’s just what I need.

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