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Legalize Plutonium And Allow Me To Shoot It

By tmcbpatriot | December 19, 2012 | 22 Comments

nuke_bloodPlease take a moment to read the comments on this blog over the past few days. The gun nuts are out in force and they cannot deal with the reality of guns and their place, or lack thereof, in our present society.

Makes me wonder what the world would be like if the founding fathers had written into the Constitution a woman’s right to have an abortion. Would these same people be lining up to defend the Constitution then? I would wager that they would instead be calling the founding fathers godless monsters who lived in an antiquated, backwards time that is long due for a change.

When it comes to guns, however, these same people are somehow proud of what is happening around them. It is as if holding one of these killing machines in their hands makes them tougher, braver, more confident. It reminds me of those people who trick out their motorcycle mufflers to ensure that we all know they are coming. It is, I am sure, all part of some larger issue related to inferiority, compensating for being bullied as a teen, penis size, or just some kind of violent view of the world that makes some people feel as if they need to announce themselves and show the world that they exist.

But make no mistake. Those who post insane, angry comments on this blog and elsewhere are in fact defending mass murder and those who perpetrate it. And in that same breath they call me and those who want to do something about the insanity of guns in our culture “nutjobs.”

In keeping with that, I thought I would make a suggestion that is in line with this type of thinking. I want to challenge those who think it is our right to own semi-automatic, 30 bullet capacity clips to go a step further. I challenge them to demand that we make legal a gun that shoots bullets made of plutonium. Better yet, an RPG that shoots plutonium tipped grenades.

Maybe it even looks like this and in the future anyone, hunters, teachers, maniacs, the mentally insane, a troubled teen, can own one:


To all the gun advocates reading this, just think of how large your penis will feel by owning such a gun. And think too about the possibilities of such a weapon.

Plutonium bullets would be awesome. Not only could you kill whatever you wanted to with this thing, but shooting plutonium would cause ever greater mass causalities as it spreads radiation out of the bullet holes to everyone within a mile radius. Tell me gun advocates, would you be against such a gun? If so, dare I say that would make you a communist, anti-American who is trying to shred the Constitution. I mean, after all, the founders never said anything about what a bullet had to be made out of, right?

So why not plutonium? For all I know the military already has such a gun. As for the RPG feature, once it is legal to own, these baby’s would cause incredible damage. Not only would large amounts of people…er…shooting range targets be slaughtered, but the building they are in will collapse too. For all the maniacs out there salivating over this, this could be done without ever having to look your victim in the eye. And no more bullet proof vests either. Hell, with an RPG shooting plutonium tipped bullets a person could take out an entire elementary school from the confort of their own car.

Does this sound insane? Am I taking this idea to the extreme? Well, then imagine if I showed an AK-47 to a bunch of seldom bathed politicians who rode horses to work in 1790. What if I was able to show those writing the Constitution a news article about 20 dead children two weeks before Christmas?  Would they think the 2nd amendment was a bad idea? Would these revelations impress upon the founders how short sighted their intentions were? Would they say I was some extreme nutjob or would they look in horror at what was to come if they did not come to their senses?

For those who put the founding fathers on a pedestal, I have news for you. These were not god-like heroes. They were just politicians looking out for their own best interest during a time when their biggest threat lived 3000 miles away, across a vast ocean. The needed help in defending this new land. They certainly could not do it alone. What better way to build a standing army quickly and get people to rally behind it than to put it in the Constitution? But given time to consider what the future had in store, I think they would have been shocked and appalled and perhaps come up with some other solution to the problems of their time in light of the problems facing ours.

But alas, that is pure fantasy. We have a 2nd amendment and many are convinced that it says we have the right to own any type of gun we want, even one that shoots plutonium bullets from 1,000 yards. If only the founders could see all of the children from the same elementary school being buried this week while gun advocates call me and others who support gun control nutjobs. Would they see the error of their ways or would they proudly hold up their firearms in solidarity and exclaim that this what they fought for? This is after all what they wanted all along, right? To build a new land where their children would be safe and where they could live out a full life, free of tyranny and strife.

Yes, I am sure they would be proud of what they have accomplished and I am a nutjob.

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  • becky

    dude, you are freaking nuts…. but kinda awesome

  • kristina

    that would be the day that my ex-husband wouldntmess with me no more

  • kristina

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  • kristina

    that would be the day that my ex wouldnt mess with me anymore

  • kristina

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  • kristina

    i dont know who you are Mr. kitterson, but i dont like you…. and u are not funny!!! I AM!!!

  • Barbara Ann

    suck me off, B****

  • kristina

    you suck me off, because i have a penis

  • fuck you faggot

    fucking pansy ass gun grabber

  • ass

    i think that it is ausome

  • boo

    i wanna see it test fire wow awesome gun

  • SpottyFloppy

    OK since we know plutonium is very dangerous why would we make a gun that uses it? Even gun advocates know better.

  • You make me lol

    OK first of all, 1/1000000 of a gram of plutonium could kill you, that means a one pound nugget of plutonium could kill nearly 500 million people if it was in a powder form, second of all your argument made no fucking sense

  • MHR

    The problem with you is I cannot take you seriously. You blabber too much and it sounds off like in your ideal world owning a kitchen knife would be a crime.

  • tmcbpatriot

    As much as I blabber, I appreciate your taking the time to visit the site. And to say a kitchen knife is somehow akin to a gun is silly. Kitchen knives have many uses, most of which are in the kitchen. Guns on the other hand have but one purpose, to end the life of whatever is in front of it or to shoot holes in things. I see no relationship between the two and your comparison is a bad one. When guns are primarily used for buttering toast or safely cutting a bagel in half, let us know.

  • tmcbpatriot

    gun advocates feel anything shootable is worthy of ownership. To say some type of shooting implement is illegal is to thwart the 2nd amendment. Are you saying some guns should be illegal to own? Are you a traitor?

  • LibertyFromTyranny

    Red herring argument made with the help of typical gun control ignorance.

    Currently, in the state of Indiana, I can own virtually any firearm and destructive device I see fit.

    Full auto assault rifle – Check.
    Full auto machine gun – Check.
    RPG – Check.
    Grenades – Check.
    Claymore mines – Check.
    Tank – Check.
    Fully automatic SPAAG with radar – Check.

    Number of crimes including assaults, attempted murders, and murders committed with these weapons in the history of the state of Indiana? Zero. Z-E-R-O.

    Now that the red herring portion of your argument is addressed as far as it needs to be…

    The 2nd amendment.

    At the time the 2nd amendment was written, you could own a 12 pounder field gun and load it with grape shot.

    Do you have any idea what the destructive power of a weapon like that is if it is aimed at human targets? Our forefathers knew – entire companies disappeared in an instant. Yet there was no exception made for banning them – why is that?

    Those 20 children were killed because a lunatic got his hands on a gun and went to the one place where he KNEW there would be no defense against his insanity. A gun-free zone.

    Show me the mass murders of children at gun shows and firing ranges. I’ll turn in every one of my guns the day that happens.

    On a side note – I’ll be at the range in 50 years still shooting my semi-automatic AR15 – and with any luck, my fully automatic M16 as well.

    Good day.

  • LibertyFromTyranny

    Guns have but one “purpose” – to prevent a tyrannical government from subjugating the people it is elected to represent. Forcibly. It just so happens that guns are the perfect tools to defend your life with as well.

    And yes, guns are tools. Tools for a very, very specific set of jobs.

    Any other use is either for maintaining readiness – such as going to the firing range, hunting, operation drills, etc. – or for illegal means… Since we all know criminals are such upstanding enforcers of the law – we’ll just ban meth and heroin too.

    Right? Right.

    Please educate yourself – Google is a click away.

    Good day.

  • Steven Louis Quillen

    You all need to get your facts straight….It is Spent Uranium that does MOST of the damage..If it was raw Plutonium it would blow up in your face.

  • CaseyVR6

    I would counter that virtually no one, not even gun advocates, feel anything shootable is worthy of ownership. As a few great example from very recent news, a nut ran over an entire group of baby ducklings with a lawn mower, a mother ran her entire young family into a lake in a minivan killing all including herself, a pilot committed suicide with a commercial jet loaded with hundreds of passangers, and a man was beaten to death using a stone in a laundry bag. Guns are made for the purpose of killing, and are a very dangerous item, but it is the user who makes all the choices. It is your fear, as the author, that is from a place of both ignorance and insecure vulnerability. A brand new driver is terrified of a car, as they should be, and we should all be alert to new drivers as they lack the experience, training, and ability to safely operate what is likely the most dangerous machine available to the general population (including firearms). It is from this perspective that articles like yours stem from, and I wish you could be persuaded to go to a local firing range a few times and try for yourself what you are clearly concerned about. Then, once you’ve taken that time, try to consider the kind of individual who would take such a weapon and use it in any way but as a last option of self-defense.

  • CaseyVR6

    1. “guns” is to “firearms” what “dick” is to “penis”. There is a more appropriate word, but make the choice for yourself.

    2. Knives are designed to cut, steak or carrots or humans, the knife knows no different. Firearms are designed to fire a projectile, at paper, metal or living animal also makes no difference. It’s naieve to believe that there is “no relationship between the two and [MHR’s] comparison is a bad one.”

    3. Apart from thousands of dollars in medical equipment, or years of meditation, there are few places where an individual is given a more sensitive bio-feedback opportuintiy than firearms. When taking a shot at a target an individual is keenly aware of breath, heartbeat, the micro-movements of the eye, the sounds around them, the environment they are surrounded by, the seat beneath them, and the way the body responds to stress. To make an accurate shot, you must intimately know your own body and your surroundings in ways only available to yogis and highly trained physical careers (military, fire and rescue, etc.)