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Another Republican Gaffe Turns Into a Gift – Jobs Report Edition

By tmcbpatriot | November 2, 2012 | No Comments

The new jobs report is out and everyone is going nuts. Some Dems are saying we should take this latest report with a grain of salt and not consider it when voting on Tuesday.

To that I say: Nuts! Salted Nuts!

We are practically hours away from election day. You can smell it in the air. With little time remaining, Republicans are trying everything they can to bring the conversation back to Benghazi because, with regards to the economy and every thing else they have thrown at Obama, nothing else is sticking.

As for Benghazi, unless Harry Reid comes out between now and Tuesday to back the conspiracy theorists then the whole thing comes off as some kind of non-story invented by the folks at FOX. Not so hard to believe.

As for the leadership argument, that went out the window after Hurricane Sandy. We were even treated to a rather large Republican Governor, and one time poster boy for the Republican’s only hope of winning in November, praising the President for doing an awesome job of leading. You might even say that Chris Christie is now an Obama supporter. Hell, me might even vote for the guy. At the very least you will not hear a disparaging word about Obama come out of his mouth for some time to come.

As for the economy, today brought the final jobs report before the election. If you recall about a month ago, Republicans were in a tizzy over the jobs report. In September the unemployment rate dropped to 7.8% and everyone went wild.

Well, isn’t that convenient?  The Obama campaign desperately needed the last employment report to be released before the election to show that the unemployment rate had fallen below 8 percent, and somehow it magically happened.

Unbelievable jobs numbers..these Chicago guys will do anything..can’t debate so change numbers.

No, there’s nothing at all curious about the last jobs report diving to 7.8% unemployment before the election.

Jobs report is a lie !! It’s not a conspiracy theory…it’s people covering up/lying for Obama.

Obama said weds that a President owes it to country to tell truth then pisses on our leg with fake jobs report and tells us it’s raining

You see what these right wingers who tweeted these quotes a month ago actually did? In their moment of panic they forgot two things: 1. That another jobs report would be forthcoming before the election and to save their conspiracies until then, and 2. By touting how wonderful these numbers were, albeit conspiratorially, they essentially laid the ground rules that anything below 8% was so amazing that it had to be a lie!

Robert Reich, secretary of labor under President Clinton, said yesterday that we should take tomorrow’s jobs report with a grain of salt.

Reich: “No one should base their vote on tomorrow’s labor report…because a single month’s report isn’t a reliable gauge of which way the economy is heading.

Now, I am no former secretary to a President, but c’mon. Really? Why even put that out there? Mr. Reich, last month Republicans handed this one to Democrats on a silver platter. I know how Dems love to crap on opportunity, but now is not the time. The President needs to remind voters how great this number is and run with it all the way to Tuesday.

Republicans, including CEO’s, Chief’s of Staff of war criminals, as well as obese radio pundits, all said that anything under 8% was so great for Obama that the fix must be in. This latest report has unemployment at 7.9%. Last I checked that was below 8% and nearly identical to what it was when Obama took office in January 2009.

So to Mr. Reich, and to all the conspiracy theorists who will change their tune today to say how terrible these numbers really are, throw that salt over your shoulder for luck, tenderize some red meat to throw at Obama or use it to flavor your last supper before game day, but do not say it doesn’t matter. Of course it matters. Republicans saw to that last month. And it will matter until Tuesday evening. In the end, that is all that ever really matters.


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