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Good to Be Back

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juan_epsteinWhoa! That was a long hiatus for me. Well, now I’m back. So…..what’s been going on? Hmmm…….Let’s see…

Walmart, tornados, cicada’s, Megyn Kelly, Oprah, Mitt Plans Return To Political Stage, IRS Employees Spent Government Funds To Film Dance Video, Obama To Visit Homophobic Culture At Vital Time….WTF??……Meet Abdulelah Haider Shaye, The Other Journalist The Obama Administration Has Targeted…..

Jeez. That’s alot right there. I have to admit, I decided to take a bit of a breather during all of this Obama bashing. IRS, Benghazi, journalist spying, you would think the President was in trouble. But nah. His numbers are up. It’s true! The guy is just likable by a good number of folks I guess. But it’s weird too. For some reason it seems so easy to yawn about all of this.

Could it be because my brain was manipulated? Were Republicans right about that one? I have to admit, it is weird that I am pretty much fine with Obama through all of this. Maybe it just means I am definitely a liberal, or maybe I just hate Republicans that much that I will stick with the Dems no matter what. Kind of like being a Cubs fan.

When you think about it, Obama has not been proven guilty of anything. Whereas, George Bush, for example, was so guilty there was no need to even bother. But really, Obama did not jail any journalists and none were arrested or brought to trial for anything. Benghazi is a total political farce and the IRS did the same shit to Dems back in the day I am sure, only nobody busted them for it.

It’s all a bunch of hooey and simply a reason for FOX to exist. So go back to doing whatever it was you were doing. There’s really nothing to see here. Thanks for stopping by though. It’s nice to be back.

The Terrorists Hate These Cans!

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navin_johnsonLatest story out of the J. Edgar Hoover building is that the Boston bombers were headed to Times Square to wreak havoc there. Hearing this news, Mayor Bloomberg said “We don’t know if we’d been able to [stop an attack] if the terrorists had arrived from Boston. Bloomberg then continued to read from the terrorism script we have all come to know so well: “The fact is New York City remains a prime target for those who hate America and want to kill Americans.”

I don’t know about you, but I just can’t stand that line. For me it’s right up there with the “evil doers who want to do us harm.”  It is such a nonsensical, hollow piece of propaganda politicians throw at us every chance they get. It’s also a reminder of how stupid they all think we all are.

It reminds me of that scene from The Jerk when Navin R. Johnson is working at a gas station and the assassin, who randomly marked Navin for death, is now trying to shoot him. The shooter has really bad aim is ends up hitting all the cans. Navin, being the jerk that he is, thinks the shooter hates the oil cans and that getting away from them is his only hope for survival. For all you youngsters out there, this was during a simpler time when snipers were funny.

Now, if you put this scene into current political terms it is really quite revealing, at least to me. Until we face reality and understand the real target of the evil doers, only then might we start to figure a way out of this mess. The longer we avoid reality and replace it with patriotic sounding emptiness the greater our chances of getting shot.

Spoiler: The cans are not the ire of the hate.

Music For The Soul – R.I.P. Richie Havens

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A true communicator in a world of gibberish.

Boston – More Than A Feeling of Sympathy For The Devil.

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symathy_for_the_devilIt’s started. I have to say I am not surprised in the least. The media is like clockwork and the people who read HuffPost are as lemming-like as you might imagine. All day I have been reading comments like this:

“The younger follows the older in every shot. The younger seems oblivious to the presence of cameras and the consequences, while The older is wearing shades and trying to avoid being photographed, because he is the only one who understands what the heck is going to happen in the coming days. The older guy pulled his brother into this.

“If it does come out that the younger brother was going along with his older brother out of some misplaced sense of sibling loyalty, then I feel a little sorry for him.”

“Even so, the kid said he wanted to be A DOCTOR. How does that fit in with murdering innocent strangers?”

I would continue, but I might vomit on my keyboard. What in the holy hell is going on here? Just last week two people planted bombs in a crowd of marathoners, an entire city was closed down in their apprehension, four totally innocent people were murdered, scores lost limbs, and people now hope that the surviving murderer gets his wish to become a doctor?

I am sure cretin Nancy Grace will play up this story to the hilt while FOX’s Keith Ablow will do a body language analysis of the younger kid and determine that he was just brainwashed by his Charles Mason-like older brother. It will sell newspapers and get people tuning in.

But it also begs the question that nobody is asking: Does this mean Jodi Arias was brainwashed by love? Was that Adam Lanza psycho brainwashed by the NRA? Was Eric Harris brainwashed by Dylan Klebold? Was the aurora nut brainwashed by Batman?

Why is it that the story line of brainwashing only seems to come out with a bombing perpetrated by people with funny sounding names?  Coincidence? Am I imagining things? Or maybe I’ve just been  brainwashed into believing that.

Maker of AR-15’s Apologizes For Latest Mass Shooting

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This is something.

Fagor America, Inc., “the company that made the pressure cooker used in the Boston Marathon bombs said they are “deeply saddened” by the attack. Following that, the fucking battery company of those used to make the bomb go boom released a statement expressing condolences for the victims.

In other news, makers of AR-15’s and other gun manufacturers have released similar statements about how sorry they are that their products have been used millions of times to kill and maim.

Wow! One of these stories is actually true. Can you guess which one?



What Do Background Checks And OJ Simpson Have In Common?

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oj_gunWhen I read about the Senate killing all hopes of greater checks and balances for guns an image popped into my head. It was the moment when OJ Simpson was acquitted of murder. There was a split screen on the T.V. showing black people cheering for a killer and white people looking forlorn and shocked. Remember?

The gun debate and the Senate throwing in the towel this week on background checks could have had the same split screen. Although race is not at play here, the reaction towards the guilty party would be exactly the same. After word came down that the Senate had failed to pass any sensible gun legislation you had one half cheering for the gun and the other half looking similarly forlorn and quite shocked that a killer will get off scott-free.

But again, like in OJ’s case, all is not lost. Justice will eventually be served, although it may take some time and perhaps more criminal activity before anything sticks. But rest assured, as with all true criminals their luck eventually runs out.

Music For The Soul – Zappa and Vinnie

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Amidst all the craziness, some craziness…but in a good way.

Speculation Nation – Is The FBI Questioning Ted Nugent?

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ted_nugentThis Boston bombing has really brought out the best in journalists and Republicans alike. One is blaming Muslims surreptitiously while the other is convicting them of this crime outright. So in keeping with this theme of putting blame before we really know anything, I want to weigh in and accuse Ted Nugent of perpetrating this atrocity in Boston. If you stop to consider it, it is as plausible as any other theory out there. Let’s review the facts.

First, this bombing occurred on April 15th which is to the day that Uncle Ted promised us he would be dead of in jail by this time a year ago. Perhaps the Nuge was either expecting to be blown up yesterday or caught afterwards and thrown in jail. Why not? Isn’t Massachusetts considered the “most liberal” state in America by Republicans? Isn’t it also the birthplace of Obamacare?

Now, I am not saying Ted Nugent definitely placed two bombs in Boston. I am just saying that the FBI should ask him where he was yesterday. Is my accusation any more asinine then Wolf Blitzer’s? Is it that I need to get paid in order to be a hack? Fine. Somebody send me a check.

Music For The Soul – Going Full On!

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A while back I created a link on my blog called Music for the Soul. It was intended to be a respite from all the politician talk and a place to go when politics takes you to the brink and you need a way back. Music does that for me and I love to share. Well, I decided to bringing it forward to the main blog. Hopefully you will enjoy my taste in music. If so, please let me know.

Here is the first installment inspired by N. Korea’s soon to be spanking. Enjoy!

Hopelessly Misinformed Latino’s For Congress

By tmcbpatriot | March 29, 2013 | 1 Comment

misinformed_latinosHola! It’s Miguel! Hope you are all doing very well. Even since Señor Romney lost, we Latinos have been working tirelessly to ensure that Congress does not forget about us. As you might recall, Romney promised great things for Latinos, including encouraging Latinos to return to their homeland and bring prosperity there as a result of our American experience.

Sadly, his Presidency was not to be. But do not lose hope. Congress has taken up the fight and things are looking up. In recent months Congress has promised to take up immigration reform. The time has come for our people to finally have the respect we deserve.

In fact, a recent survey show that “a majority of Latinos — 56 percent — had a favorable view of Congress, up from about 35 percent who held such a view in November 2011. That could be in part thanks to work on immigration reform, an issue most Latino voters support and place high on their list of priorities.”

This is truly an exciting time. And while some of you might still be in doubt with all of the talk of us being “illegals,” I think you will find that this Congress is starting to change its canción. For example, just this week Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) said:

“My father had a ranch; we used to have 50-60 wetbacks to pick tomatoes…It takes two people to pick the same tomatoes now. It’s all done by machine.”

You see? Republican’s know that picking tomatoes is important work and want to see us doing it while learning new technology too! What a country! And although machines cannot compare to an endless day of hard labor, it is important that they remember what our ancestors provided. And what is the big deal about calling us wetbacks? It is what we call each other. I always saw it as a term of endearment.

So get on board mi amigos! Republicans and Congress are looking out for us. Once the gay people are able to get married it won’t be long before we Latinos can marry this great country! Vaya con dios. Adios!

What is Clinton Hiding Behind That Soccer Ball?

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Now I get it. Work it Hill!

Sad Clown Sings Only The Lonely At CPAC

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sad_clownThis week a gay man woke up from his coma at CPAC and wondered aloud what the hell he was doing there? Realizing, as if for the first time, that he and his gay friends were not welcome, he reacted the way any gay man in a room full of haters would. He became embarrassed.

Yes, this week while a bunch of racist and totally insane people gathered in Maryland to be crazy together, a gay Republican named Jimmy LaSaliva and his adorable club called GOProud was excluded from the festivities. As a result, Jimmy got his lace panties in a twist:

“I’m embarrassed to call myself a Republican right now,” Jimmy LaSaliva, co-founder and president of the gay conservative group GOProud, said at the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Md., on Thursday. The gay Republican was referring to GOProud’s exclusion from participation at CPAC for a second year in a row, banned as an official sponsor. LaSalvia attended CPAC as a guest of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a sponsor of CPAC which hosted a panel Thursday on which LaSaliva appeared, “A Rainbow on the Right: Growing the Coalition, Bringing Tolerance Out of the Closet.”

Ok, two things: That CPAC is happening in a place call “Mary-Land” is ironic and funny in and of itself and Jimmy should have brought that up. Second, that Jimmy is embarrassed by Republicans who are more embarrassed by him than he is of them is even funnier and should be the only reason for Jimmy to be embarrassed.

Being openly gay and a Republican is silly and, I would imagine, downright confusing too. It is a phenomenon I just need to learn more about. So I am heading down the street to the “He Man Woman Haters” convention. Sally Silverstein, member and president of HeManicures is protesting her snub at that convention for the third year in a row. Come to think of it, maybe she and Jimmy can meet and cry over their Mint Julep’s together while Sinatra sings Only the Lonely. If anyone understands loneliness, it’s Frank, trust me.

Nice Work Republicans! You Snubbed Your Only Hope for 2016

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gop_moronsMan, Republican’s are so dumb it is not even posible to describe it. The Crazy People Are Conservative (CPAC) conference is in town this week and boy are the morons not disappointing.

My favorite part of this yearly Republican calamity is the snubbing on the only guy who shows any promise for the GOP in 2016, Chris Christie. The CPAC charman said this about Christie this week in response to questions about the Governor not being invited:

“Chairman Cardenas…defended the conference’s snub of New Jersey governor Chris Christie, indicating that the conference focuses more on “national matters than anything else” and that other governors had a “more excellent conservative record” worth highlighting.”

Funnier still is that this same guy defended Donald Trump’s inclusion as:

“a billionaire who creates jobs” and is “not afraid to talk about the failures of the Obama administration.” He said that Trump, who has spoken previously at CPAC, is “a persuasive speaker” who was brought “back by public demand” and that “the crowd here loves him.”

You can’t make this shit up. Nobody would believe you! In an event that promotes itself as finding the next Republican hero to save the Republican party from itself, the one guy who stands any chance of doing that job was not invited!

Like I said, you just can’t begin to understand the stupidity and short sightedness of Republicans. But who am I to ruin a good thing? Keep it up fellas. The country depends on it.


Another Republican Peeks Out The Rabbit Hole

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rob_portmanWith the Crazy People Are Conservative (CPAC) convention in full- on insanity mode this week, this next story seemed most appropriate.  Republicans, as most of us know, live in a world of denial and fantasy. In their world Obama is a socialist, all blacks are on food stamps, gays are sodomites and pedophiles and latinos are, well, latinos. Most often, in this fantasy world, Republicans find themselves constantly challenged by a pesky thing called reality. It is a reality that is slowly, but surely, swallowing them up.

This week we saw yet another example of that as another Republican reversed his stance on gay marriage because, surprise, surprise, his son is gay. I am talking about Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio). Now, before you get any ideas, Portman did not make this decision overnight. It took him two years.

Portman said of his two year long change of heart on gay marriage:

“It allowed me to think of this issue from a new perspective, and that’s of a Dad who loves his son a lot and wants him to have the same opportunities that his brother and sister would have — to have a relationship like Jane and I have had for over 26 years.”

How touching, except of course for the fact that as recently as 2011 Portman was “openly hostile” to gay’s and gay rights. In fact, his opposition of the gay “led to hundreds of students at the University of Michigan objecting to the senator speaking at the school’s graduation ceremony.” But hey, he’s come around. He’s now among the reality based. There’s hope for him, right? Well…

Portman, you might recall, was once considered to be Mit Romney’s running mate. In fact when a reporter asked asked why Romney chose Paul Ryan over him he assured the reporter it had nothing to do with the gay stuff.

“Portman, who was ultimately passed over as the GOP vice-presidential candidate in favor of Rep. Paul Ryan, said the fact that his son is gay was not the deal breaker for Romney. How does he know? “Well, because they [Romney’s campaign] told me,” said Portman.”

LMAO! Just as I was thinking Portman was one of us, it seems he still has one foot firmly planted in the rabbit hole.

Not So Brietbart Strikes Again!

By tmcbpatriot | March 12, 2013 | 2 Comments

breitbartAndrew Brietbart is still dead! That much is true. Not much else coming out of his namesake’s “news” blog may be though. For the second time in a month, Breitbart.com posted a false story that was later taken down after it turned out to be totally untrue.

Apparently, a story about Paul Krugman going bankrupt vent viral, getting picked up and reposted on the popular conservative website. Turns out, the story was satire, invented by a blog called The Daily Currant. Who knew? Well, Breitbart.com should have. However, before it was proven to be a non-story, it also wound up on Boston.com, which is actually a serious news source. Asked why Breitbart picked up the story in the first place without first vetting it for accuracy, they replied it was because Boston.com was a “trusted” news source. Great answer. It would later come out that Boston.com posted the story “by accident” while Brietbart did it on purpose.

It should come as no surprise that a hyper-partisan website like Breitbart.com would post satire as truth, especially when it is a story that bashes a well known liberal like Krugman. I am pretty sure too that the folks over at Breitbart wanted to believe this story, even if perhaps they doubted its veracity.

As a result, is it any wonder that our so-called news organizations are considered to be so untrustworthy? Additionally, can we even call them news organizations when stories such as this one trumps actual news stories that are actually true and virtually ignored?

For example, just this week a report came out saying that about $8 billion was wasted or unaccounted for that was suposed to be used for reconstructing Iraq. Sure, we could file this story under “No Shit” and move on, but it also begs the question: Are we in danger when supposed news organizations report made up stories as truth simply because they want it to be true or are we screwed because we, as readers, seem to care more about made up stories even after we know they are not true while ignoring the ones that are?

The answer is a bit unclear, but if this latest media screw up is any indication, I am pretty sure of what the answer most likely is.


Joe Lieberman – Officially a Conservative

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joe_liebermanJoe Lieberman has a new job. He will be co-chair of the American Enterprise Institute’s “American Internationalism Project,” let by former Senator Jon Kyl.

Of the AIP, Kyl writes: “Fiscal constraints, weariness with war and isolationism are eroding the American will to lead. The nation has often chafed “at the burden of our obligations.” But what once appeared to be a truism of an earlier era – the willingness to shoulder “the burdens of leadership in the free world” – has ceased to resonate with many Americans. American internationalism has never been simply a response to threats, but an expression of who Americans are and what kind of world we want to live in.”

So Joe Lieberman, a man once considered for V.P., who turned his back on Democrats when they needed him most and who still pretends to be an Independent, is now going to work for a Republican think tank to help them find new ways to start wars, all in the name of bipartisanship.

Seriously, how does this guy sleep at night?

The GOP’s Obamacare Lie and Why It Will Continue To Help Them

By tmcbpatriot | March 10, 2013 | No Comments

kilgore_obamacareWhen I think if the GOP, I often hear the voice of Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore as he sits in the helicopter looking down at the carnage he is dropping onto that vietnamese village. In a forever frustrated voice, he utters, as only he can: “Don’t these people ever give up?”

Well there’s that voice again because Paul Ryan is at it again. He is making the rounds in his forever lame attempt to remain relevant while touting yet another budget plan, same as the old plan, that promises to make the world a better place, provided of course that Obamacare is not part of it. Ugh. I feel you frustration Bill.

Thing is though, this boring regurgitation of repealing Obamacare, while tired and rote, continues to provide returns for the GOP and will for years to come. Obamacare is much like those other pesky liberal initiatives, like Medicare and Civil Rights, and much like those we intelligent people understand that Obamacare is here to stay while Republicans need to pretend it’s not. Politicians like Ryan need to play dumb in order to maintain support among their fast dying, brain dead followers who need to believe otherwise.

For anyone working in healthcare, you know that Obamacare is moving forward and is already deeply enmeshed in how things will work going forward. Repeal is virtually impossible at this point and Republicans know it. Nevertheless, they need to continue with the repeal meme in order to give their voting block something to hope for. It is a good plan because Republican voters are that ignorant and refuse to face reality. For the rest of us, we’ll just keep dropping liberal bombs on their heads until they finally surrender. Sadly, I don’t see it happening anytime soon.

Maybe they should just title his clip “Here Comes The Democrats With Obamacare.”


By tmcbpatriot | March 9, 2013 | No Comments

Not much to say before you play this clip except that those who watch FOX are retarded! It’s been said many times before, but it must be said again…and again and again. FOX “news” is a channel for retarded people, and Republicans are retarded people!!

Now, by retarded I do not mean to insult mentally retarded people with down syndrome. They probably never watch FOX. What I mean are people who are grown-ups, who maybe went to college, but probably not, and who now live with the mentality of a small child who was possibly left back in grade school and who were slow learners who rode the short bus. I am also pretty sure their parents were equally as dumb and passed it on to their children who now make up FOX’s demo…a demo FOX understand very, very well.

So, if there is still any doubt who FOX’s audience is, this video should put an end to the debate. Period. Exclamation Point! End of Sentence!! Over and Out!!!

Will Rand Paul Filibuster For Woman’s Liberties Too?

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While Rand Paul filibustered for thirteen hours against Obama’s kill-anyone-with-a-drone-on-U.S.-soil policy, the state of Kansas was busy pointing their drones at women’s vagina’s all across this great land.

The Kansas state House Federal and State Affairs Committee passed a 70-page bill that would tax abortions, establish life beginning at fertilization, require doctors to say that abortion causes breast cancer and prohibit state employees from performing abortions during the workday. The bill also would require doctors to tell women that abortion causes breast cancer, even though the claim defies scientific fact. The bill is likely to pass.

So for all of you so-called libertarians up in arms over what Obama is not doing, you might want to stop with the bullshit and actually pay attention to what people are actually doing. Imaginary drones are not going to drop out of the sky on your house. However, if you are a woman, I would be protecting those lady parts about now. Your freedom is about to go up in smoke. Will Rand Paul filibuster on your behalf?  That’s a rhetorical question of course. But the answer is no.

Jeb Bush Sells Some Books

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jeb_bushHere we go again folks. Last week it was Bob Woodward looking like the fool while trying to boost sales of his book. This week it’s none other than shrub brother himself, Jeb Bush, making the rounds to sell his. I won’t mention the title of the book as I don’t want to help him sell any. However, I will offer that Jeb Bush has made a fool of himself by saying the exact opposite of what he wrote in his book on the topic of immigration. As a result, brother Bush has succeeded in his intended goal. You see, playing the fool on T.V. is all it takes these days to sell your wares. Fail to do that and you will come and go without nary a mention.

Case in point, in trying to promote his book this week, Bush did a complete 360 in his belief about what we should do with illegals. In his book, Bush wrote:

“It is absolutely vital to the integrity of our immigration system that actions have consequences — in this case, that those who violated the law can remain but cannot [emphasis mine] obtain the cherished fruits of citizenship.”

The “cherished fruits of citizenship”? Is he kidding? Is that supposed to be poetic? Anyway, while promoting his book, Bush went on MorningJoe and CNN to basically say the exact opposite of what he wrote. On CNN he said:

“I have supported both — both a path to legalization or a path to citizenship — with the underlining principle being that there should be no incentive for people to come illegally at the expense of coming legally.”

To recap, Jeb Bush wrote in his book that if you are here illegally you can forget about eating any of our cherished fruit, however, as he said publicly this week, if you are already here illegally he would support your partaking in the cherished fruit. We just need to make sure that anyone else thinking of coming here illegally should not get the wrong idea. After all, we don’t just hand out cherished fruit…even though he would support such a policy. Ya folla?

What is there to say except that when Jeb wrote his book Republicans truly believed that Romney would be President. After Obama won re-election, it suddenly became clear the GOP was dying a slow death. If they are to survive they need to somehow grab a bit of that coveted latino love and start dolling out some of that cherished fruit before their supply rots. This foolishness also proves that in our 24/7 media mayhem there is no better place to do sell your wares than on CNN and Morning Joe, and all the other popular news shows. After all, who knows better about selling crap to the American public than them. So, as Bush proved this week and Woodward last week, if you have something stupid to say and something worthless to sell, they will give you all the time you need.

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