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Responsible Gun Owners. Indeed! – UPDATE!

By tmcbpatriot | December 31, 2012 | 2 Comments

educated_gun_ownerEarlier this week I wrote a post that received quite a number of comments. While I posted it here, I also cross posted it on the DailyKos. Since their readership is massive, the response there was impressive. Problem was, the comments missed the entire point of my post.

The thought behind my post was to confirm that “law abiding” gun owners who love to claim they are “responsible” actually are, but in more ways than one. If you are not sure what I am talking about, please read the original post below.

To clarify, the post below was edited to remove the offending sentence. I felt it was better to remove it than continue to distract from my actual point. However, so you are not left in the dark, here is the offending paragraph as it was originally posted on the DailyKos:

Now, I know that gun owners are a paranoid bunch and often not of a highly educated crop, but are they aware of the irony here? And can we on the left come right out and brand gun owners, NRA members, and anyone else who loves to shoot holes into things that did not have them nor require them, officially “responsible” once and for all?

In light of everyone missing the point of the post, I felt a need to publicly retract this statement. I also felt it was not really fair. Gun owners, like anyone else, can pay for an education, get a Masters, a PHD, whatever. Perhaps they have multiple degrees with honors. To that I say congratulations! I realize it was wrong to be critical of their education and the time and effort they spent obtaining it.

That said, I want to make a further clarification. What I should have said was that while gun owners are still a paranoid bunch, as there is really no argument there, I should have clarified that those who feel the need to shoot holes into things lack common sense.

Good sense and sound judgment in practical matters.

You see, practically speaking, owning an arsenal of weapons and the bullets to fill them is not common sense. It is dangerous, agressive and truly serves no greater good. Sure we are a violent people, that much is certain. But imagine if nobody had a gun. Where would we be then? Ok, so there would be clubbings, stabbings, punchings, maybe even bombings. But regular people just walking into public places and killing everything that moves? Not so much. That’s not to say they would not give it their best effort. However I am pretty sure the end result would be much different.

Now, once again I am sure most of the readers will disagree with me and be angry and tell me that I am offending them. Well, to that I say walking into a school and shooting little kids is offensive. Allowing people to own weapons that cause this much carnage on a now monthly basis is offensive and it is my right to speak my mind as much as it is for you to arm yourselves for some imaginary government takeover.

You don’t like my words? Tough. I don’t like your guns. So I guess that makes us both Constitutionally even.

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  • Not single minded

    The mass shootings were done by kids or Nut jobs. Its r society , libs say u can’t punish your own children . We all grew up around guns as kids & settled things in school with r fist’s but libs say u go to jail now ( lawyers didn’t help ) we didn’t have the computer & all the electronic gadgetswhen we were kids. My kids turned out fine I thought them respect. I use to kill people for a living & u use to pay me for it, there is a lot of people in this country I would like 2 elimenate . I don’t because I know right from wrong. it’s how there raised & America is not doing the job, I am a leader not a follower I don’t give a -uck what people say . As far as guns, the people that bitch about them don’t know anything about them. U r blaming an object , civilians r pathetic , u forgot guns made this country . if u dont like it take your sorry ass & leave this country,u won’t last 5 min. In the Middle East.r government is getting to big,when we go broke u think crime is bad now ? gust wait,do u want to live in a dictatorship country ? This is a new world Go ahead give up your guns u will be the 1st victim .

  • Not single minded

    It isn’t gov take over its criminals,R u going to put love beads on them so they quit . Is the cops going to get their on time to save u ? Hell no u r going to be dead !!! So keep living in your imaginary world where u think your safe & Obama to the rescue. That is a pipe dream!!! Wake the fuck up