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Responsible Gun Owners. Indeed!

By tmcbpatriot | December 27, 2012 | 1 Comment

responsible_gun_ownerHappy? Holidays!

Not surprisingly we are ending the year with yet another massacre and once again we are reading about insane people who are troubled, off their meds, and/or mentally ill.

These are, as gun advocates like to tell it, not the “law abiding” gun owners we all know and love, I.E. Citizens who do nothing bad with guns except shoot paper targets, kill defenseless animals or, if you are a Vice President, shoot your lawyer/hunting partner in the face.  BTW, that guy is still waiting for an apology. It is an argument, however, that truly holds no water. After all, as far as I can tell most gun owners are “law abiding” up until the moment they open fire.

Another favorite word bandied about by gun advocates is the word Responsible. Every time some nut shoots up a room full of people gun advocates come at us with the same old line about how once again a few bad apples are punishing the “responsible” ones.

Then it hit me. These gun advocates are right! In fact, the word Responsible is actually very apropos for the gun culture. In fact, if we take a closer look, I am quite willing to get behind them all the way.

Being the primary cause of something and so able to be blamed or credited for it. Synonyms: liable – accountable – answerable

Now, I know that gun owners are a paranoid bunch, but are they aware of the irony here? And can we anti-gun advocates come right out and brand gun owners, NRA members, and anyone else who loves to shoot holes into things that did not have them nor require them, officially “responsible” once and for all?

We might even make some money off of their ignorance as well. For example, how about a t-shirt displaying a semi-automatic with the words: “I Am Responsible” or “Responsible Gun Owner” emblazoned on the front? Would they get the irony or would they simply wear it proudly, oblivious to the carnage these weapons inflict on a monthly basis?

Come to think of it, how about offering a subscription to the “gun massacre of the month club?” Kind of like the jelly, except instead of being the gift that keeps on giving, this one most definitely taketh away. On second thought, I am pretty sure we are already lifelong members in this club. Unfortunately for some, they don’t know it until their subscription runs out.

I wonder too, does being a “responsible” gun owner come with any actual responsibilities? Is it the responsibility of “responsible” gun owners to stop irresponsible people from getting their hands on a gun? Is it the responsibility of “responsible” gun owners to lead the conversation about gun control after a mass shooting? Is it the “responsible” gun owners’ responsibility to advocate for closing loopholes and/or fighting for more sensible, and dare I say, “responsible” laws?

Of course not. In reality, we all know that gun owners never actually do the “responsible” thing when it comes to being responsible. After a mass shooting most gun owners simply hide behind the Constitution while justifying the bloody events as just another price to pay to protect it.

Be that as it may, I think an “I am Responsible” campaign is long past due and well worth the effort. I for one am backing gun advocates everywhere by exclaiming that in fact you are all officially responsible; responsible for the carnage, responsible for nothing getting done after the fact, and responsible for placing us all into a reality where going to elementary school, to the movies, and even to put out a fire has become bad for our health.

Yes, I admit it gun owners. You are most definitely responsible. Are you happy now?

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  • Combat vet not liberal

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