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Who Still Believes in Bi-Partisanship?

Is there anyone out there who reads and follows politics who believes that bi-partisanship is possible? I find that those who believe such things are often very disconnected from the news and don’t really follow politics on a daily basis or at all. If you did then you would know that politics is all about […]

States Passing Insane Abortion Rules….Please Proceed.

From the AP: This time when the Texas Senate takes up tough new abortion restrictions, the chamber’s top Republican is determined not to let anything – or anyone – derail a vote. To this I say, “please proceed.” If you follow politics then you know Republican’s are great at only one thing, winning elections. They’ll do […]

Will Rand Paul Filibuster For Woman’s Liberties Too?

While Rand Paul filibustered for thirteen hours against Obama’s kill-anyone-with-a-drone-on-U.S.-soil policy, the state of Kansas was busy pointing their drones at women’s vagina’s all across this great land. The Kansas state House Federal and State Affairs Committee passed a 70-page bill that would tax abortions, establish life beginning at fertilization, require doctors to say that abortion causes breast cancer […]

Legalize Plutonium And Allow Me To Shoot It

Please take a moment to read the comments on this blog over the past few days. The gun nuts are out in force and they cannot deal with the reality of guns and their place, or lack thereof, in our present society. Makes me wonder what the world would be like if the founding fathers […]

Post-Debate Thoughts – Obaminator

Obama got it done. He said 47%. That alone makes him a winner in my book. I am not going to listen to the naysayers. Obama was there and present, even though he was not really connecting as well as, say, Bill Clinton, but then nobody is Bill. I think this one will definitely be […]

Post Debate Thoughts

Man. Why do I feel depressed this morning? Is it the non-stop cloudy week? Is it that winter is coming? Is it that the President could very well have handed the election to a lying liar who cares nothing for anyone making less than he does? Last night may have been, for all intents and […]

Vice President for President!

I have noticed a phenomenon in Republican circles that just makes me wonder: How is it that Republicans get more excited about their VP picks than the guy actually running for President? I’m pretty sure it wasn’t always this way. It seems to have started with W. and had continued ever since. It may be […]

Why Romney Wins Illinois Tomorrow

I will be guest blogging again tomorrow night, along with Michael Stickings and friends, over at The Reaction for a play-by-play of the Illinois primary. In anticipation of that, I want to share my thoughts on what will actually occur. Spoiler alert! Stop now if you do not want to know how this ends. Although it is […]

It’s The Economy…Er…I Mean Vagina, Stupid!

Guest posted on The Reaction Blog. Check it out! Sexytime! “General Motors Posts Largest Annual Profit Ever, Despite Lackluster Fourth Quarter,” — “Weekly Jobless Claims Fall To Four-Year Low,” — “U.S. Stocks Rise on Improving Economic Data.” — No, these are not the thought bubbles from the mind of a future Republican President. These are […]