Back from the manipulated, misinformed and misguided minds on the right.

The Walking Dead Are Back And I Don’t Mean The TV Show.

They’re off and running! It’s mid October with November just around the bend. You know what that means. That’s right. It’s once again time for….the independent voters to rise and wreak havoc across the land. Independents are truly a menace. They appear out of nowhere and suddenly they are all the rage. You’ve seen them. […]

Legalize Plutonium And Allow Me To Shoot It

Please take a moment to read the comments on this blog over the past few days. The gun nuts are out in force and they cannot deal with the reality of guns and their place, or lack thereof, in our present society. Makes me wonder what the world would be like if the founding fathers […]

The Fathers of Our Dysfunction

Are we bored yet? These stories of massacres by white kids with heavy weapons always leaves us numb and totally desensitized. It happens so often that we don’t even have time to process the previous one. Add to that a non-stop news cycle at break neck speed and by the weekend we are already looking […]

An Open Letter To The World

Dear World, I am embarrassed. In the months to come we here in the United States are going to be talking about some stupid ass sh*t. I know you will laugh at us and make fun of us. You will talk about us behind our backs and perhaps even to our faces. Well, go ahead because we deserve […]

Is Obama Really That Smart?

I have said it before that I will never attempt to wade into the legal issues surrounding The Supreme Court of The United States’ deliberations over the Affordable Heath Act of 2012, herein known as ACA. But nevertheless, I feel there is an important question that needs to be asked. Is Obama really that smart? Before […]