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The Walking Dead Are Back And I Don’t Mean The TV Show.

They’re off and running! It’s mid October with November just around the bend. You know what that means. That’s right. It’s once again time for….the independent voters to rise and wreak havoc across the land. Independents are truly a menace. They appear out of nowhere and suddenly they are all the rage. You’ve seen them. […]

The RNC: Once Again In A Fight To The Death…With Itself

…save me from myself, purge me of this love… …so that I can defend her. I fight against myself. That scene from Excalibur — one the greatest films ever made by the way — reminded me of something the RNC did this past week. Once again they have fallen deep for their love of stupidity […]

Reince Priebus is Monty Brewster

So, a funny thing happened back in March of this year. The headline to this story really speaks for itself: “Reince Priebus: RNC Planning $10 Million Minority Outreach.” Funny right? After this past week of Zimmerman verdicts and Ted Nugent saying Zimmerman should sue Trayvon Martin’s parents for pain and suffering, no, seriously, he said […]

Progressive Hypocrisy Or The Blind Leading The Blind?

Droning on about the drones. Obama is killing Americans without due process. Yawn. Ha! Just kidding! I bet you thought that just because I support Obama that I must also support the killing of Americans without due process. Glenn Greenwald thinks so: “The sharpest edges of President Obama’s counterterrorism policy, including the use of drone […]

Orrin Hatch Is An Asshole

Sometimes I get so angry that I want to punch holes in the page with my pen. Unfortunately, in this day and age the best I can do is maybe hit all caps. So I will try that now: FUCK YOU ORRIN HATCH AND THE WAGON YOU RODE IN ON! Yeah, not really the same […]

The Republican Comeback – What To Watch For

I saw this brief story at Talking Points Memo that made me wonder about the Republican comeback and what that might look like. The story read as follows: “Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA), the highest ranked House Republican woman, said Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union”: “I don’t think it’s about the Republican Party needing […]

My Post Election Lack of Empathy

If read one more article about “why Romney lost” I am going to pass out. I turned it into a drinking game and so far I have gone through two bottles of Captain Morgan. In fact, I haven’t stopped drinking since Karl Rove shat his drawers over Ohio. I’m kidding of course…about the drinking not […]

Just F’ing Vote! And Other Election Eve Thoughts

Finally, it’s that time! It’s been a long road to get here and soon it will be all over — At least for a few days until we start figuring out who is going to run in 2016. As for tomorrow, I honestly have no clue what is going to happen, and here’s why: Family […]

America’s Newest Socialist: Chris Christie!

Man, I love hurricanes. Wait, let me clarify. I do not like the damage they cause, or the deaths, but I do love how it turns mild mannered, government hating Republicans into liberal, bleeding heart socialists. The latest to come aboard the socialist train is non other than Chris Christie. In case you were in a coma this […]

Crazy Republicans And The Memory Gap

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, Republican’s just can’t stop themselves. It’s like they are trying to outdo one another daily. This past week we had that Mourdock guy say that God loves rape and actually plans for it and now we have John Sununununu who went on television and basically told viewers that […]

Debate 3: Pre-Debate Thoughts

The final debate! Boy, am I glad. So, what can we expect? Well, if I were advising the President, here is what I would tell him: Mr. President, tonight is an important one, as were the first two. No sure what happened in debate one, but that’s water under the bridge. You “won” the last […]

The Benghazi Fugazi

Did he or didn’t he? That does seem to be the question the righties are asking this week as they go absolutely crazy trying to find something, anything, to pin on Obama with practically days to go before the election. From the sound of it, you would think Benghazi was some monumental event that killed thousands, […]

Post VP Debate Thoughts

VP Debate Tweet of the night: Hello 9 1 1? There’s an old man beating a child on my tv.  Most memorable line: “Now you’re Jack Kennedy!” Classic! Now, here are my thoughts. Also cross posted on The Reaction blog. —– Well…That. Was. Awesome! Biden gave the performance of a lifetime. Before the pundits shape my answer, […]

Mitt Romney’s Empty Chair Moment Has Feathers

Folks, last night we witnessed yet another empty chair moment for the GOP. Clint Eastwood did it with a chair and Mitt Romney did it with Big Bird. Romney: “I’m sorry Jim [Lehrer]. I’m gonna stop the subsidy to PBS. I’m gonna stop other things. I like PBS. I like Big Bird. I actually like […]

John Sununu, 9/11, And The Bulls*it They Expect Us To Believe

Let’s get right to it: From HuffPost: During an appearance on Fox News’ “On The Record with Greta Van Susteren,”[John]  Sununu, a Mitt Romney campaign adviser, was asked to defend his charge that Obama is “lazy and detached.” Why would Sununu he make such an accusation? Mr. Sununu, if you please: “One of the key responsibilities of […]

What if Obama Did It? Sammy Sosa Edition

Why isn’t this a bigger story? Not the crazy lady saying it, but the fact that Romney’s shade is getting darker, as if to subliminally connect with minorities. It begs the question…What if Obama did it? Bleached Sportsman of the Year and National League Most Valuable Player Award Winner Sammy Sosa Says Barack Obama’s “whiteness” Is […]

Embassy Crises! Who Is Leading Whom?

I’m confused. Somebody please help me to understand. We are suddenly in the midst of crises. Our embassies in Cairo, Libya and Yemen are under attack. Americans are dead. The story line has it that some anonymous racist in America made some low budget film denigrating the Muslim religion and now we are at war […]

Will Blacks Choose Religion Over Reality? Um…No.

President Obama is my President! Yes sir! Once again Obama has done something that shows great courage and leadership and he has proven once more why I voted for him. Actually, I would have voted for him no matter what, but still. You get my point. I was watching The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell […]

Is Obama Really That Smart?

I have said it before that I will never attempt to wade into the legal issues surrounding The Supreme Court of The United States’ deliberations over the Affordable Heath Act of 2012, herein known as ACA. But nevertheless, I feel there is an important question that needs to be asked. Is Obama really that smart? Before […]

Thank Goodness for Republican Narcissism

A quote from God: “The personal attacks against me during the primary finally became so heavy that the state Republican chairman, Gaylord Parkinson, postulated what he called the Eleventh Commandment: Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican. It’s a rule I followed during that campaign and have ever since.” — Ronald W. Reagan. […]

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