Back from the manipulated, misinformed and misguided minds on the right.

Republicans Are Not Scared of Guns, Only Gays.

What a world we live in when people support the spread of dangerous weapons without the slightest hint of regulation but will fight tooth and nail to stop gay people from marrying. I wonder which of these two issues Jesus would object to more? And if we were living in Biblical times wouldn’t Republicans consider Jesus […]

Another Republican Peeks Out The Rabbit Hole

With the Crazy People Are Conservative (CPAC) convention in full- on insanity mode this week, this next story seemed most appropriate.  Republicans, as most of us know, live in a world of denial and fantasy. In their world Obama is a socialist, all blacks are on food stamps, gays are sodomites and pedophiles and latinos […]

Why Isn’t This a Bigger Story?

Every day I scour the news. I am obsessed. And every day instead of real stories that actually mean something and effect our lives we instead see things like: “Conservatives Liken Dems’ Bill Banning Citizenship Tax-Dodging To Nazis, Soviets.” “Joe Walsh, GOP Congressman, Quiet While Constituent Calls Obama A Socialist, Nazi, Communist.” “Charles L. Worley, […]

Breaking: Mitt Romney Converts To Christianity!

Made you look! Sorry for that. I really could not resist writing it though. Is it really that far fetched? Don’t think for a second he hasn’t considered it. Romney is desperate right about now. Really desperate. Here’s a guy who can’t draw a crowd larger than a local theater production, may lose his home state of Michigan […]

End Of The World Or Just The Republican Party?

Guest posted on The Reaction Blog. Check it out! So I’m reading the news the other day and I see this: “Dick Cheney lobbied for Maryland gay marriage bill.” I stared at it for a while in disbelief. Is the world ending? Did that pastor finally get it right? Then I did a Google search […]

Irony Alert!

The following quote is from an evangelical Christian leader referring to an “emergency meeting” to discuss the inevitable nomination of non-Christian, and not all that historically socially conservative, Mitt Romney: “Before we marry the guy next door, don’t you think we ought to have a fling with a tall dark stranger and see if he can support us […]

Rick Santorum Is Gay

Do I have your attention? Good. I want to start my first post of 2012 with a quote: “If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn’t part of ourselves doesn’t disturb us.” — Hermann Hesse, Demian How true has this quote been for so many hypocrites in the Republican party, just in […]