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Can We Talk About Gun Control Now? F**k No!

It is with the heaviest heart that I write this post. I live in Connecticut and never imagined something so horrific happening so close to home, much less at all. But this is America, with her purple mountain majesties and easy access to insane weaponry, including those supposedly used in this latest massacre. Sources are […]

I Need Some Air

Man, it is hard to get back to the bullshit of politics so soon after a nice relaxing week off. But then again politics is so damn addicting. I have to admit though, a bit of my delay is also attributed to hearing back from some online news source that turned me down for reasons […]

The Sad Fu**ing State Of Our Affairs

From Thinkprogress: ROMNEY TO HOMELESS HURRICANE VICTIM: ‘GO HOME’ Yesterday, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney visited Louisiana, where much of the state was flooded due to Hurricane Issac. While visiting the Pelican State, however, Romney had some odd advice for one victim of the hurricane who had lost her home due to the flooding. According […]

Just Thinking Out Loud

Things I can buy legally in the U.S.: Mako Glock to Carbine (PDW) Conversion Kit with Folding Stock  “Convert pistols to compact PDW weapons. Increases effectiveness of pistols in a concealable package smaller than a Micro Uzi. Designed for use with or without suppressor. Disclaimer : If you own a host pistol and buy this product, […]

Breaking: Mitt Romney Converts To Christianity!

Made you look! Sorry for that. I really could not resist writing it though. Is it really that far fetched? Don’t think for a second he hasn’t considered it. Romney is desperate right about now. Really desperate. Here’s a guy who can’t draw a crowd larger than a local theater production, may lose his home state of Michigan […]

End Of The World Or Just The Republican Party?

Guest posted on The Reaction Blog. Check it out! So I’m reading the news the other day and I see this: “Dick Cheney lobbied for Maryland gay marriage bill.” I stared at it for a while in disbelief. Is the world ending? Did that pastor finally get it right? Then I did a Google search […]

George W Bush is rising in popularity…well sort of

When you are George W. Bush, you take what you can get. The LA Times reported that a telephone poll conducted in November shows that W’s approval rating is climbing. And by climbing, they mean from the sewer into the gutter. But hey, it’s a step. “According to a Gallup poll released Monday, the most […]

Obama for Tea Party President!

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released their Employment Situation Summary today. It’s great news…if you are a republicans or a tea bagger. But it is not for the reasons you might expect. At first glance you might be thinking yeah its good news for them because it shows what a bad job Obama is doing on […]

Who would have guessed? Another Republican is Gay!

So who’d a thunk it? Ken Mehlman is gay. Hmmmm……boy that’s a surprise. Oh wait. No it’s not! Who was it that said “That which we hate we secretly are”? It never fails to amaze me how so many republicans are gay. Has anyone tallied the results to see which side has more? Interesting. I […]