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Responsible Gun Owners. Indeed! – UPDATE!

Earlier this week I wrote a post that received quite a number of comments. While I posted it here, I also cross posted it on the DailyKos. Since their readership is massive, the response there was impressive. Problem was, the comments missed the entire point of my post. The thought behind my post was to confirm that […]

An Open Letter To The World

Dear World, I am embarrassed. In the months to come we here in the United States are going to be talking about some stupid ass sh*t. I know you will laugh at us and make fun of us. You will talk about us behind our backs and perhaps even to our faces. Well, go ahead because we deserve […]

If A Soldier Pees In The Forest…Or On A Dead Body

I have a question…If the soldiers who peed on those dead guys in Afghanistan were gay would Republicans be defending them as they are? Is irony lost completely on Republicans? This is a question I often ask myself and one that is not addressed enough in the public square. For example, is the idea of […]