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How To Tell When A Lieutenant Gov. Is Lying!

When you have a moment, check out the vid below. It’s New Jersey’s Lieutenant Gov. Kim Guadagno (R) denying that she ever threatened to withhold Hurricane Sandy relief money from a local mayor unless the mayor approved a real estate project. If you’ve been following this bridge scandal story then you know that Hoboken mayor Dawn Zimmer alleges that Guadagno […]

Could Sequestration Take Down Dems?

It here! Doomsday! Sequestration is upon us and its going to be BAD!!!! Or not. This whole business of spending cuts, for what it’s worth, may turn out to be a while lot of nothing and that will not bode well for Democrats. Today, for example, Janet Napolitano said that sequestration was causing airport delays. Oh […]

Another Republican Gaffe Turns Into a Gift – Jobs Report Edition

The new jobs report is out and everyone is going nuts. Some Dems are saying we should take this latest report with a grain of salt and not consider it when voting on Tuesday. To that I say: Nuts! Salted Nuts! We are practically hours away from election day. You can smell it in the air. With […]

The Benghazi Fugazi

Did he or didn’t he? That does seem to be the question the righties are asking this week as they go absolutely crazy trying to find something, anything, to pin on Obama with practically days to go before the election. From the sound of it, you would think Benghazi was some monumental event that killed thousands, […]

Jobs Report And The GOP’s Missed Opportunity

Remember when Bohner and company stood in that hardware store with their little booklet about how they were going to do something or another for the people of this country? I remember. They said they were going to make some pledge to America about some such and most importantly they were going to bring jobs […]

Romney, The One Issue Pony

Is it November yet? It is nauseating that we have had to endure what feels like years of this presidential election. We are now heading into the home stretch and, boy, the other side is truly pulling out all the stops. Let’s see where we are: 1. Obama is going to remove God from the money […]

Lemon. Wet. Good.

What a week! First a move, then no internet, and all during a non-stop summer heat wave. It’s enough to make you crazy. So, I can really relate to what has been going on in the world of Mitt Romney. Here is a quote from the Mittster from a few weeks ago while in New Hampshire: […]

A Pledge to America…Revisited

Fewer jobs in May. Unemployment is up. What happened to the jobs? What a joke! Remember many, many years ago, back in 2010, when a bunch of goofballs stood in a hardware store with their “Pledge to America” theater prop in hand and said some nonsense about putting America back to work? Well, turns out […]

Romney the Great

                      You have probably seen this image by now. It is Mitt Romney and associates at Bain Capital after they landed $37 million in funding to get their private equity firm off the ground. Bain Capital, for those who don’t know, is a company that […]

Center-Right? That’s So Wrong!

I am officially tired of hearing about how we are a center-right country. It’s everywhere you look. All we ever hear when it comes to elections is that candidtes need to move to the right if they want to be electable. Even Obama is said to be moving center-right, or at least more to the […]

Republicans Pledge to America – Day 166

By my calculation it has been 166 days, or 5 months and 14 days or 4,008 hours or 240,480 minutes or 14,428,800 seconds since Republicans unveiled their Pledge to America. And since we don’t have Keith Olbermann counting down stuff for us nightly anymore, I thought I would pick up the torch, if just for today. So let’s […]

Citizens Bamboozled

Can you do me a favor? Can you take a look at the list below? It is a list of the top all-time donors, 1989-2010 to democratic political campaigns, numbered respectively, with non-liberal leaning organizations removed for clarity. When you are done, tell me if you notice anything peculiar. I will even give you a hint…They are all […]

The Dems play Santa. I guess we were good for goodness sake.

Can I get a “Wholly Cow?” people? C’mon now. I mean, is it just me or did Democrats suddenly learn how to play politics? Were they waiting for the end of the year to give us all a Christmas present? It certainly appears so. I am not embarrassed to say how proud I am of Democrats right […]

Socialism sucks…until it doesn’t.

“Before you go any further Mr. Fireman, how much is this going to cost me?” The NYTimes has reported a “plan by the New York Fire Department to allay severe budget cuts by charging motorists up to $490 to respond to accidents and car fires.” Can you imagine a budgetary plan requiring monetary compensation for […]

Step right up for the Republican magic show

Politics is like magic, isn’t it? Slight of hand meant to distract, misdirect and in essence, to draw attention away from where the real action is taking place. I often make this comparison because, like magic, to be truly good at it you must be able to pretend to do one thing while actually doing […]

George W Bush is rising in popularity…well sort of

When you are George W. Bush, you take what you can get. The LA Times reported that a telephone poll conducted in November shows that W’s approval rating is climbing. And by climbing, they mean from the sewer into the gutter. But hey, it’s a step. “According to a Gallup poll released Monday, the most […]

Let’s take a stroll down the memory hole

So the jobs report came out and guess what? The economy still sucks! Not much of a revelation there. But for Republicans, it’s great news. Afterall, they just got back into power since Obama took office. Of course, that means that it is not their fault. Obama has been President for the last two years and the buck […]

Our Republican masters at work

Reading an article on the FOX business website, I came across an interesting quote that is quite compelling, and if anyone is paying attention it could become a major Republican talking point in the weeks to come. Just today, in an interview with James Bullard, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Mr. Bullard said […]

Uh Oh…Is Obama about to make his biggest mistake yet?

In just over a month the Bush tax cuts are going to expire. That’s great news for a lot or reasons. The most glaring being that the Bush tax cuts have been in place since 2003 and have not done anything significant in terms of economic growth. You might even say that since 2003 the […]