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Right Wing Creates An $11 Million Tax

I read an article today that blew my mind: Nov 14 (Reuters) – Pennsylvania State Police spent roughly $11 million on the weeks-long manhunt in the Pocono Mountains to capture a survivalist charged with shooting two state troopers and murdering one, local media reported on Friday. Sure, we see stories about the costs to rescue […]

The Psychology of Right Wing Women

Let’s get something out of the way and all agree that the media and especially outlets like FOX work hard at understanding the psychology of their viewers. This should not come as a surprise to anyone, I hope. Having an interest in psychology, I often wonder about political shows that say the most insulting and […]

Shorter McConnell

There are times when reading the news becomes clearer and you stop to think about what is really going on. That happens to me when reading political stories. The “journalists” who write the stories do so as if there is really a story there. As if the drama unfolding in the halls of the Capital […]

Some Comments From Another Great SOTU Speech

My comments of tonight’s SOTU: As President Barack Obama makes his entrance into the gallery for this much anticipates SOTU, it is funny to have heard moment before Wolf Blitzer and his CNN hacks pine on about how Obama needs to start to build a relationship with the House Speaker, John Boehner. It is funny […]

How To Tell When A Lieutenant Gov. Is Lying!

When you have a moment, check out the vid below. It’s New Jersey’s Lieutenant Gov. Kim Guadagno (R) denying that she ever threatened to withhold Hurricane Sandy relief money from a local mayor unless the mayor approved a real estate project. If you’ve been following this bridge scandal story then you know that Hoboken mayor Dawn Zimmer alleges that Guadagno […]

Liz Cheney, Real American Hero

Liz Cheney called it quits today and I am depressed. Never has this country seen a patriot stronger than Liz Cheney. She represented all that is right with the republican party and shined a light of all that was wrong with the filthy left-wing progressive Hollywood liberals. Wyoming lost a true hero today. I remember […]

We Are So Screwed!

Another week is history and what a week it was. In between hearing about Obama’s website shit storm, there were two other smaller stories that I think required way more attention: 1. Ted Cruz introduced a bill in Congress offering a $5 million reward for information on the Benghazi terror attack. 2. A law banning undetectable […]

Hannah Anderson Kidnapping Story Will Be One For The Books

I’m not a conspiracy guy. I mean, I do love a good conspiracy every now and then. But not because I believe them. I am just fascinated with what people can come up with. The latest conspiracy taking hold is the result of the recent story of a 16 year old girl who was kidnapped […]

Reince Priebus is Monty Brewster

So, a funny thing happened back in March of this year. The headline to this story really speaks for itself: “Reince Priebus: RNC Planning $10 Million Minority Outreach.” Funny right? After this past week of Zimmerman verdicts and Ted Nugent saying Zimmerman should sue Trayvon Martin’s parents for pain and suffering, no, seriously, he said […]

Another Zimmerman Bob Dylan Can Be Proud Of

The verdict is in and it is of O.J. proportions. I am proud to say I did not spend one second of my time watching the trial, nor did I care much for that Zimmerman fella. He’s really been hitting the mess hall since this whole hullabaloo began, huh? I’m just saying the dude is […]

Dilbert Creator Told To Shut Up And Draw

Mark Gongloff is not a Dilbert fan. Well, maybe that’s not true. He might like the cartoon, but he does not like the guy who draws it. In a scathing blog post, Gongloff tries to make short work of Dilbert creator Scott Adams as he argues against a theory Mr. Adams has about the stock market.  Mr. […]

Desperation In The Digital Age

Sickening, but true. In the days of declining newspapers and irrelevant print publications whose stories are already a week old by the time they hit newsstands, journalists are getting desperate. The internet age has brought with it insurmountable challenges for journalists and publishers which are being met, not with creativity, but with sheer desperation to remain […]

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble Or Grumble.

Back after a long break. I needed it. Seems like after the long election and then Thanksgiving, I just needed time to regroup. Also, this whole fiscal cliff thing is boring. For one, I am not an economist. On the other hand, all of it is nothing more than a show, much like watching WWF wrestling with […]

Post Debate Thoughts

Man. Why do I feel depressed this morning? Is it the non-stop cloudy week? Is it that winter is coming? Is it that the President could very well have handed the election to a lying liar who cares nothing for anyone making less than he does? Last night may have been, for all intents and […]

Um…Republicans? Are You Forgetting Something? Romney’s Still Mormon.

Remember when religion mattered in presidential races? I know, it’s hard to imagine these days because religion is such a non-issue. But try to suspend your utopian world view for a moment and return with me now, back to a more complicated time when men were judged solely by the quality of their religious beliefs. […]

A Mormon and a Roman Catholic Walk Into A Bar…

Stop me if you have heard this one. It is hilarious! Two white men, one a Mormon and the other a Roman Catholic, not to mention an avid follower of a woman who rejected all forms of faith and religion, walk into a bar…wait, no that can’t be right. A Mormon would never walk into a bar. Maybe […]

Romney’s In The Clinton Trap

Uh, Mitt? Bill Clinton is pointing at you. Are you paying attention? Here we go again, folks. It’s 1998 all over again. Mitt Romney has a mistress, one who used to make him rock hard at tax time, but has now become just an ugly stain on his dressage, er, I mean his past. Worst […]

What if Obama Did It? Tax Return Edition

Another installment of “What If Obama Did It?” is in order, I do believe. This time we will pull a wonderfully hypocritical piece out of the arse of RedState to make our point. Come along, won’t you? Let’s journey once more into the land of make believe…. So What If Obama Has Offshore Accounts? It is hard […]

Lemon. Wet. Good.

What a week! First a move, then no internet, and all during a non-stop summer heat wave. It’s enough to make you crazy. So, I can really relate to what has been going on in the world of Mitt Romney. Here is a quote from the Mittster from a few weeks ago while in New Hampshire: […]

Why Isn’t This a Bigger Story?

Every day I scour the news. I am obsessed. And every day instead of real stories that actually mean something and effect our lives we instead see things like: “Conservatives Liken Dems’ Bill Banning Citizenship Tax-Dodging To Nazis, Soviets.” “Joe Walsh, GOP Congressman, Quiet While Constituent Calls Obama A Socialist, Nazi, Communist.” “Charles L. Worley, […]

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