Back from the manipulated, misinformed and misguided minds on the right.

We Are So Screwed!

Another week is history and what a week it was. In between hearing about Obama’s website shit storm, there were two other smaller stories that I think required way more attention: 1. Ted Cruz introduced a bill in Congress offering a $5 million reward for information on the Benghazi terror attack. 2. A law banning undetectable […]

Another Zimmerman Bob Dylan Can Be Proud Of

The verdict is in and it is of O.J. proportions. I am proud to say I did not spend one second of my time watching the trial, nor did I care much for that Zimmerman fella. He’s really been hitting the mess hall since this whole hullabaloo began, huh? I’m just saying the dude is […]

Boston – More Than A Feeling of Sympathy For The Devil.

It’s started. I have to say I am not surprised in the least. The media is like clockwork and the people who read HuffPost are as lemming-like as you might imagine. All day I have been reading comments like this: “The younger follows the older in every shot. The younger seems oblivious to the presence […]

Responsible Gun Owners. Indeed! – UPDATE!

Earlier this week I wrote a post that received quite a number of comments. While I posted it here, I also cross posted it on the DailyKos. Since their readership is massive, the response there was impressive. Problem was, the comments missed the entire point of my post. The thought behind my post was to confirm that […]

Ted Nugent – This Emperor Wears No Loincloths

This past week we saw the passing of two legends in the form of Dick Clark and Levon Helm. Both contributed, in their own way, to the quality of American music and they will not be forgotten. This past week we also saw another “legend” in the news. I am talking about Ted Nugent. That […]

Product of The Week! Must See!

The NRA has a new product out and it is not to be believed. Our good friend hoodie would be appalled. Here it is. I think it speaks for itself.   Here is the product description: (Emphasis mine) We want concealed carry to fit around your lifestyle – not the other way around. That’s why we developed […]

Allen West, Outraged Ass Clown

Allan West is mad as hell and he is not going to take it anymore! The other day I read that Allen West, Congressman from Florida, said this about the killing of Treyvon Martin: “I have sat back and allowed myself time to assess the current episode revealing itself in Sanford, Florida involving the shooting […]

Guns are Good for The Complexion

My idea for a new NRA reality show. Thoughts?