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Mark Halperin Has A Beard – LOOK!

I tell you what, I truly don’t understand t.v. punditry. Why is it that none of these clowns ever go on their political shows and actually discuss political strategy and actual politics? It’s as if their only job is to turn whatever goes on in Washington into some reality t.v. drama where the President is […]

Progressive Hypocrisy Or The Blind Leading The Blind?

Droning on about the drones. Obama is killing Americans without due process. Yawn. Ha! Just kidding! I bet you thought that just because I support Obama that I must also support the killing of Americans without due process. Glenn Greenwald thinks so: “The sharpest edges of President Obama’s counterterrorism policy, including the use of drone […]

Responsible Gun Owners. Indeed!

Happy? Holidays! Not surprisingly we are ending the year with yet another massacre and once again we are reading about insane people who are troubled, off their meds, and/or mentally ill. These are, as gun advocates like to tell it, not the “law abiding” gun owners we all know and love, I.E. Citizens who do nothing bad with […]

Guns: Providing Freedom And Taking It Away Since 1791

What a week, and it’s only Monday. Friday’s atrocity is starting to sink in with each new day  and it just gets worse and worse. I have not been reading a thing about the killer or the children or that crazed woman who birthed this maniac. I can’t. I think I hit my limit with […]

Orrin Hatch Is An Asshole

Sometimes I get so angry that I want to punch holes in the page with my pen. Unfortunately, in this day and age the best I can do is maybe hit all caps. So I will try that now: FUCK YOU ORRIN HATCH AND THE WAGON YOU RODE IN ON! Yeah, not really the same […]

My Post Election Lack of Empathy

If read one more article about “why Romney lost” I am going to pass out. I turned it into a drinking game and so far I have gone through two bottles of Captain Morgan. In fact, I haven’t stopped drinking since Karl Rove shat his drawers over Ohio. I’m kidding of course…about the drinking not […]

Debate 3: Pre-Debate Thoughts

The final debate! Boy, am I glad. So, what can we expect? Well, if I were advising the President, here is what I would tell him: Mr. President, tonight is an important one, as were the first two. No sure what happened in debate one, but that’s water under the bridge. You “won” the last […]

Embassy Crises! Who Is Leading Whom?

I’m confused. Somebody please help me to understand. We are suddenly in the midst of crises. Our embassies in Cairo, Libya and Yemen are under attack. Americans are dead. The story line has it that some anonymous racist in America made some low budget film denigrating the Muslim religion and now we are at war […]

Will Blacks Choose Religion Over Reality? Um…No.

President Obama is my President! Yes sir! Once again Obama has done something that shows great courage and leadership and he has proven once more why I voted for him. Actually, I would have voted for him no matter what, but still. You get my point. I was watching The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell […]

Be Afraid of Romney. Be Very Afraid!

We are getting close to the end…of the Republican primary I mean. Gingrich is the latest FOX favorite and thinks he will be the nominee, while Romney is not getting any love no matter how hard he tries to say what he thinks his constituents want to hear. But no matter. Regardless of what happens […]

Ann Coulter is a Dumbass

Way back in February Ann Coulter said this about Mitt Romney: “If you don’t run Chris Christie, Romney will be the nominee and we’ll lose.” At the time I thought, wow for once this horribly repulsive bit** is making some sense. Not that Christie should be a nominee for anything except a hot dog eating contest, […]

The Giant Pool of Money

Since Occupy Wall Street is all the rage this week, and hopefully will be next week as well, and the week after, it seems appropriate to share informative pieces of investigation to help folks understand just what the hell is going on and how we got here. Regardless of what FOX “News” and the rest […]

The Boys in the Bubble

So Wiener resigned, John Edwards is indicted, Dominique Strauss-Kahn is raping women while thinking his diplomatic immunity will set him free, and the list goes on and on. These three are of course just the latest. It is really striking to me how this sort of thing just never seems to stop. Now, I am sure there […]

Republicans Pledge to America – Day 166

By my calculation it has been 166 days, or 5 months and 14 days or 4,008 hours or 240,480 minutes or 14,428,800 seconds since Republicans unveiled their Pledge to America. And since we don’t have Keith Olbermann counting down stuff for us nightly anymore, I thought I would pick up the torch, if just for today. So let’s […]

Citizens Bamboozled

Can you do me a favor? Can you take a look at the list below? It is a list of the top all-time donors, 1989-2010 to democratic political campaigns, numbered respectively, with non-liberal leaning organizations removed for clarity. When you are done, tell me if you notice anything peculiar. I will even give you a hint…They are all […]

What a bunch of cheeseheads!

I won’t stay on this topic too long, but…really? Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin is Hitler? I wonder if Hitler would be impressed with how everyone becomes him whenever sh*t hits the fan? But that’s a question for another day. Wisconsin, I have a bone to pick with you. There are almost 6 million of […]

So long Hosni, seems we hardly knew ya!

So are we done with Egypt yet? Mubarak has stepped down and the teevee machine pundits are chaffing at the bit to get back to the stories in Washington; back to the soap opera drama that is American politics. I mean c’mon already! It’s been like two weeks of nothing but Egypt. Who even knew where Egypt […]

The Dems play Santa. I guess we were good for goodness sake.

Can I get a “Wholly Cow?” people? C’mon now. I mean, is it just me or did Democrats suddenly learn how to play politics? Were they waiting for the end of the year to give us all a Christmas present? It certainly appears so. I am not embarrassed to say how proud I am of Democrats right […]

Solutions for dejected DADT Republican homophobes

Republicans. I feel your pain. Something happened today that goes against everything you believe in. Today “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” (DADT) was repealed. And just like that we are now allowing gays to fight along side…gulp…blacks…and…gasp…whites. What’s next? Will dogs soon be able to join the army? I know what you are thinking too. This […]

NYTimes: ‘Ron Paul Comes in From the Cold’ – Who left the damn door open?

Did anyone notice that Ron Paul was “named chairman of the House subcommittee on domestic monetary policy?” A leadership position which “oversees the Federal Reserve as well as the currency and the valuation of the dollar”? I know I didn’t, not until I read about it in the NYTimes over the weekend. Here is a guy who […]

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