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The RNC: Once Again In A Fight To The Death…With Itself

…save me from myself, purge me of this love… …so that I can defend her. I fight against myself. That scene from Excalibur — one the greatest films ever made by the way — reminded me of something the RNC did this past week. Once again they have fallen deep for their love of stupidity […]

Reince Priebus is Monty Brewster

So, a funny thing happened back in March of this year. The headline to this story really speaks for itself: “Reince Priebus: RNC Planning $10 Million Minority Outreach.” Funny right? After this past week of Zimmerman verdicts and Ted Nugent saying Zimmerman should sue Trayvon Martin’s parents for pain and suffering, no, seriously, he said […]

Sad Clown Sings Only The Lonely At CPAC

This week a gay man woke up from his coma at CPAC and wondered aloud what the hell he was doing there? Realizing, as if for the first time, that he and his gay friends were not welcome, he reacted the way any gay man in a room full of haters would. He became embarrassed. Yes, […]

Nice Work Republicans! You Snubbed Your Only Hope for 2016

Man, Republican’s are so dumb it is not even posible to describe it. The Crazy People Are Conservative (CPAC) conference is in town this week and boy are the morons not disappointing. My favorite part of this yearly Republican calamity is the snubbing on the only guy who shows any promise for the GOP in 2016, […]


Not much to say before you play this clip except that those who watch FOX are retarded! It’s been said many times before, but it must be said again…and again and again. FOX “news” is a channel for retarded people, and Republicans are retarded people!! Now, by retarded I do not mean to insult mentally […]

Guess Who Said It: Al Qaeda or Conservatives?

Sunday is game day and today we have a fun one. The game is called Guess Who Said It: Al Qaeda or Conservatives? Here how to play: I will post an image below and you decide who said it. It’s pretty simple. Ok, ready? Let’s play. Recently, a magazine printed an advetorial with a captions that […]

Orrin Hatch Is An Asshole

Sometimes I get so angry that I want to punch holes in the page with my pen. Unfortunately, in this day and age the best I can do is maybe hit all caps. So I will try that now: FUCK YOU ORRIN HATCH AND THE WAGON YOU RODE IN ON! Yeah, not really the same […]

Crazy Republicans And The Memory Gap

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, Republican’s just can’t stop themselves. It’s like they are trying to outdo one another daily. This past week we had that Mourdock guy say that God loves rape and actually plans for it and now we have John Sununununu who went on television and basically told viewers that […]

OMG! Romney Will Take Us To War!

Terrorism Mitt Romney, October 22, 2012 (Debate #3): “In the 2000 debates there was no mention of terrorism, for instance. And a year later, 9/11 happened. So we have to make decisions based upon uncertainty. And that means a strong military. I will not cut our military budget.” Al Gore, October 17, 2000 (Debate #3): “I […]

Debate 3: Pre-Debate Thoughts

The final debate! Boy, am I glad. So, what can we expect? Well, if I were advising the President, here is what I would tell him: Mr. President, tonight is an important one, as were the first two. No sure what happened in debate one, but that’s water under the bridge. You “won” the last […]

Post Debate Thoughts

Man. Why do I feel depressed this morning? Is it the non-stop cloudy week? Is it that winter is coming? Is it that the President could very well have handed the election to a lying liar who cares nothing for anyone making less than he does? Last night may have been, for all intents and […]

John Sununu, 9/11, And The Bulls*it They Expect Us To Believe

Let’s get right to it: From HuffPost: During an appearance on Fox News’ “On The Record with Greta Van Susteren,”[John]  Sununu, a Mitt Romney campaign adviser, was asked to defend his charge that Obama is “lazy and detached.” Why would Sununu he make such an accusation? Mr. Sununu, if you please: “One of the key responsibilities of […]

Clint Eastwood Made My Day

Tell me, was it not entirely appropriate for Clint Eastwood to talk to an empty chair at the RNC the other day? I think it was pitch perfect and Clint was absolutely the perfect choice. Let me explain. Republicanism is theater after all, full of its imaginary characters saying imaginary things that are invented by […]

New Republican Reality Show: “Real World GOP Agenda 2012”

I never thought I would see this day, but it’s beautiful. Sadly, I am sure it will pass without so much as a memory of the amazing opportunity that has fallen into the laps of Democrats. Of course, I am referring to the monstrous comments by Rep. Re-Todd Akin, (R-MO) about “legitimate Rape.” If ever […]

Breaking: Mitt Romney Converts To Christianity!

Made you look! Sorry for that. I really could not resist writing it though. Is it really that far fetched? Don’t think for a second he hasn’t considered it. Romney is desperate right about now. Really desperate. Here’s a guy who can’t draw a crowd larger than a local theater production, may lose his home state of Michigan […]

Mitt’s Memo To Himself: “Let’s Stay Together!”

Mitt Romney is confused. This is a man who is not sure who he is supposed to be. Is he the super rich capitalist, corporate raider who Republicans should naturally love and adore? Or is he the middle-class guy from the “the real streets of America” who is supposed to care about the 99%ers and […]

Romney Is Actually The Perfect Republican Candidate

I can’t undertand all the hubbub about why Mitt Romney cannot find love in the Republican party. Sure he is a “flip-flopper” of the highest order. Sure he says whatever his base wants to hear when it is politically expedient for him. But the one thing Romney has going for him, the thing that should make him […]

If A Soldier Pees In The Forest…Or On A Dead Body

I have a question…If the soldiers who peed on those dead guys in Afghanistan were gay would Republicans be defending them as they are? Is irony lost completely on Republicans? This is a question I often ask myself and one that is not addressed enough in the public square. For example, is the idea of […]

Republicans! They Live!

The other day I was reading an article on one of my favorite sites, Cracked.com. The article was titled “7 Mind-Blowing Easter Eggs Hidden in Famous Works of Art.” Basically it was about how once you see the hidden images in famous paintings you can never look at them the say way again. I was […]

Donald, Don’t Cancel Your Debate Show!

The Donald! I have to talk to you! Don’t cancel your debate show! I know, you got only two RSVP’s from Rick “oily discharge” Santorum and Newt, but think of this as a good thing. You don’t need the others! Remember who you are! You are the host of The Apprentice! Besides, since when do […]

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