Back from the manipulated, misinformed and misguided minds on the right.

The Walking Dead Are Back And I Don’t Mean The TV Show.

They’re off and running! It’s mid October with November just around the bend. You know what that means. That’s right. It’s once again time for….the independent voters to rise and wreak havoc across the land. Independents are truly a menace. They appear out of nowhere and suddenly they are all the rage. You’ve seen them. […]

New Years Resolutions

Hard to believe another year is gone. Already 14 years into the 21st century. That’s so crazy! It’s moving too fast. Makes me think about the coming year and what may be in store. I always have a little worry about what’s to come in a new year, but then I also have an amazing […]

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble Or Grumble.

Back after a long break. I needed it. Seems like after the long election and then Thanksgiving, I just needed time to regroup. Also, this whole fiscal cliff thing is boring. For one, I am not an economist. On the other hand, all of it is nothing more than a show, much like watching WWF wrestling with […]

Are They Stupid? Or Are We?

It’s Memorial Day weekend. Time to hit the road, fire up the grill and remember “the fallen” by buying a mattress and storming the beaches…with lots beer and wine coolers. It is also a time when the teevee machine goes into overdrive about our travel plans. Every summer around this time the media is suddenly […]

Our Republican masters at work

Reading an article on the FOX business website, I came across an interesting quote that is quite compelling, and if anyone is paying attention it could become a major Republican talking point in the weeks to come. Just today, in an interview with James Bullard, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, Mr. Bullard said […]