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Can We Talk About Gun Control Now? F**k No!

By tmcbpatriot | December 15, 2012 | 14 Comments

It is with the heaviest heart that I write this post. I live in Connecticut and never imagined something so horrific happening so close to home, much less at all. But this is America, with her purple mountain majesties and easy access to insane weaponry, including those supposedly used in this latest massacre. Sources are reporting that “at least three guns were used — two pistols and, according to the BBC and AP, a .223-caliber assault rifle. If you have not seen what a .223-caliber assault rifle looks like, be my guest.

Normally I run a clean blog, but what the fuck? When is this going to stop? And what’s to be done if someone did decide that enough was enough? Well, unluckily for us we will not have to worry about that anytime soon:

Q: The President made a campaign promise to work to renew the assault weapons ban. Why won’t you stand up here today and say that that remains a commitment of his?

CARNEY: It does remain a commitment of his. What I said is, today is not the day, I believe as a father, a day to engage in the usual Washington policy debates. I think that that they will come, but today of not that day, especially as we are awaiting more information about the situation in Connecticut.

I mean, Jesus Fucking Christ! Is he kidding? Today is not the day to engage in the usual policy debates? Since when is talking about banning access insane arsenals used to kill children in cold blood a usual policy debate? Answer? Never!

We never talk about guns in this country, unless of course you are screaming about your right to own one. If you are one of those people, excuse me for interrupting you and imposing on your rights. Well what about my rights, our rights, the rights of those 20 children who are now dead? What happened to their right to pursue life, liberty and all that other bullshit?

Seems guns take priority over life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…unless of course your idea of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is shooting up an elementary school full of defenseless, innocent, beautiful children whose families will forever be devastated. God forbid we impose on your right to do that!

Well, maybe one day we will. Just not today. Today, after all, is not that day.

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  • yellowdoggranny

    I think we should have to pass the same test to get a gun that you have to take to drive a car. and no assault rifles period.

  • Razor

    Queue up the gun control nutjobs…
    Hey stupid, do you think that if you get your precious gun control that guns would just vanish? Do you think re tard misfit whack jobs whom always commit these crimes are not going to find a way? That was a gun free zone, guess the tard didnt get the memo? Those guns killed no one, the mental missfit tool holding them did, the black trench coat, black brief case carrying tard killed those people and your liberal stench enables whackos like this to roam freely all amongst the general population. You dont like guns, MOVE.

  • this guy

    fuck that, instead of getting guns out. bring God back in, its disgusting how violence is glorified these days and these stupid fucks who try to copy it. its people like them that give me the reason to have my assault rifles. take away cars too to stop drunk drivers.. give me a break pansy man up and open your blinded sheep eyes. the government stooped real low lately to get “gun control” in effect. next they’ll be putting chips in you to make sure they know where your at, at all times. and if you protest anything you don’t agree with thanks to”freedom of speech” your a terrorist. enjoy your communist socialist new world government.

  • Dickoff

    Since when did bad people care about gun control. Gun control to them means they have a target rich arena with zero competition. Has guncontrol work for the city of Chicago’s violence, no. Thats why they wanted to bring in the military to stop the violence like two summers ago. Wouldn’t need the military for protection, if you could protect yourself with a gun


    …and when guns have been banned, you’ll see other weaponry replacing them. Crossbows, bows and arrows, swords, axes, chainsaws, spears, maces, baseball bats, etc. If you’re pissed off and disturbed enough for mass murder, you’re going to commit that crime whether you have a gun in your hand, a steering wheel, or a match to light that gas you just dumped all over the preschool with locked doors.

    Now that the playing field has been leveled, why don’t you shut your disrespectful mouth and stop using the deaths of these children as an excuse to push your own agendas?

  • sincarne

    You know what? Why don’t you move. We’ll put all your type on an island, call it Gunnutopia, or Whackjobistan. You lot can shoot anybody you like, so long as its yourselves.

  • tmcbpatriot

    Razor, if you child was killed by iPhone, would you demand more restrictions of iPhone radiation? Of course. If your daughter was killed by a race car or truck that was not allowed to be on the highway cause you outrage and demand something be done so this doesn’t happen agan? Of course you would. If the water you were drinking was causing your family to die of cancer would you blame the government or the fracking company and that they do something about this? Of course you would. But guns? Anyone who demands something be done about their deadly potential is a nutjob. Your argument is a dumb as you are. But thanks for the comment. Love to have people visiting, even morons like you.

  • tmcbpatriot

    See above

  • tmcbpatriot

    Send these people to inner cities. They would love it there. All the shootings you could ever want.

  • tmcbpatriot

    You know what Mom? I say good. I am ready to watch knives become the weapon of choice or crossbows. Bring it on. When 26 people are killed by a crossbow or a knife then we will have that conversation. Only it will never happen. Mass murder cannot happen with any other weapon except a gun or a nuclear device. How about we make those legal too?

  • Crambone

    Your a patriot? No your just a fucking idiot. My guns never killed anyone, theyre nice, like me, you little prick. You and your socialist government can blow me.

  • Gofuck Yerself

    Okay, i don’t support either side, since i have a crossbow and a compact bow and a rusty sword.

    Here is a list of things that i can think of in the next few minutes of time that I’m wasting to help prove something(doubt it’ll work since most people on both sides have their heads up their asses) that has killed many people throughout time. And since they helped in the effort to do so, maybe we should ban them too. Here we go 😀

    Religion, water, cars, trucks, planes, probably a handful of people that died choking on food or (@ the guy that made this shitty article: dicks, he hasn’t died yet, good job not using those teeth), booze, smokes, The happy Land arson of 1990 that use gasoline killed 97 people at once so should we also ban fuel? since fuel helps power those horrible family killing cars, coke (oh wait thats banned in our country but oddly hasn’t helped the tolls worth shit banning it LOL), baseball bats, knifes, and guns. pretty sure the list can go on but i wont wanna waste too much of my fap time before I blow the heads off some children gamers that clearly shouldn’t be playing the game in the first place(talking about fps not for realzy). but hey there is word about those being removed so, where do you suggest people with violent tendencies go to vent? the park playground or a church, a jail, or i dunno, how about a school during recess?

    There will always be a way to kill people, its gonna happen so why not keep things legal so you can protect yourself? or there is the option of genocide, where we kill all the humans of this planet and then at least there will be peace cause no ones left to fuck that up lol.

  • marthastorm

    I believe that people have a right to protect themselves with gun if need be. I also believe as long as we have a crippled mental health system and can offer only relief through some stupid pill that a legal drug pusher offers, that people should have the right to end their own lives in a quick and humane way. We care more for insane control that people’s happiness.

  • Eastern shore good ol’boy

    It’s not the good people committing crimes. It’s criminals; DUH!!! They will continue doing so. There is a black market. The government can’t control that. If they could, drugs wouldn’t get into our country. Drugs are a bigger issue than gun violence killing people. What about our government controlling our fate with their toxins. Chemicals they allow in stuff we ingest, but some idiots think that’s ok. If they think there is a population problem. Than keep foreigners out. Everybody knows there has to be a way to cure diseases, but our government won’t let it happen, so they can control population. How is that right. The only reason the government wants gun control. Is to be able to control people from bucking against them. Then the government could fuck us more than what they are doing now. People are so blinded by our government; it’s crazy. The government people are greedy and make it hard for people to live. The price of everything is outrageous compared to what the average person makes a year. We need to take back control of our country. If not our kids will pay for WE THE PEOPLE BOWING DOWN TO AN UNLAWFUL GOVERNMENT. Don,t be manipulated by the government. LOOK AT THE HOLE PICTURE PEOPLE. DON’T LET THEM TAKE OUR RIGHTS AWAY. GOOD DOES MORE TO PREVENT EVIL.